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  1. RMMZ TypeError: Not in fullscreen mode

    A friend of mine was playing through the web version of my game when they ran into this error. I've never seen it before, and I can't find it googling or searching the forums. My friend isn't sure what they did to cause the error, they only know they were going through an area when it popped...
  2. Spooktober Spooktacular Game Jam Review Submission Thread

    Alright, a review or two or three! Everybody who entered did a really good job, and I played a lot more of the games than I've had time to write reviews for. This jam had a lot of very good entries.
  3. Avy's Icon Workshop

    I used your beautiful icons in the game I made for the jam. I used some of your MV things as well, but I figured just one notification would be more polite :cutesmile:. Your icon library is just about my favorite resource ever.
  4. Tonbi's MZ material factory

    I love your tall sprites, they're incredible! I used them in my jam entry, and they fit perfectly.
  5. Spooktober Spooktacular Game Jam Submission Thread

    Woo, first public thing I've ever made! This was a pretty fun jam! Zwillinge
  6. Spooktober Spooktacular Game Jam!

    @Touchfuzzy: Can you submit a demo of your game, if it's at least an hour long, or does it have to be a full game?
  7. Parallax Mapping - center a picture?

    Try setting it to 160,120. That's the default picture position when 2k3 boots up, at least for me, and it's always worked in my experience.
  8. Exporting to Android (MV Android Client)

    Any files with spaces in their names won't run on any non-windows devices. You need to remove the space from the filename.
  9. Walking Through Walls Despite Terrain Marked as X and not O?

    Yep! That tile has to be set to star, because it's the default tile. If it isn't, as you saw, it breaks things.
  10. Walking Through Walls Despite Terrain Marked as X and not O?

    What's the passability of the top left tile on your B sheet?
  11. MV Round Tower Roofs

    Whtdragon also did some recolors of those roofs here.
  12. Whose are these sprites?

    That's a Mack/First Seed Material sprite, the full set of them can be found here, after the site shut down. You can find the terms here.
  13. How to end event?

    Even without the issue mentioned by Andar, I can see another one. Exit Event Processing is almost certainly not what you want to use. It completely stops the current event, meaning the erase event will never actually trigger.
  14. what does pictured tilesets sort by

    This is a rough split of an RM2k3 tileset, also called a chipset. (A) is animated autotiles. I'll put the explanation of these lower down, as they're rather confusing. (B)is normal autotiles. These are laid out how they look, they're in the same layout as XP. (C) is lower-layer tiles. These...
  15. [Help]Is there any ways to make tilesets graphic wider?

    RM2k3 has very specific resource requirements, much stricter than later engines. Even the characters have to be the same size. Because it also has no scripting support, it's not possible to change the tileset size. Depending on how far your tilesets go over, you could replace some of them with...
  16. Imported Tileset Issues

    How did you import them? Through the resource manager, or just by putting them in the folder? Sometimes, when you import tilesets or other resources in 2k3 by putting them in the folder, the transparency color isn't set correctly. Try reimporting them trough the manager, and make sure your...
  17. Can walk over tileset that is set to X?

    Glad you got that worked out!
  18. Can walk over tileset that is set to X?

    For those particular tiles, that's actually an intended effect. The brick tiles below them are intended for walls, while those are intended for the tops of walls. It's built that way so that if you put a ladder on the wall, the player can walk on top of it, while still not being able to walk on...
  19. I can't find my DLC or Generator folder and plugins won't install [windows10]

    The issue with your generator files is that they're in the wrong folder. Generator files aren't stored in the project file, they're stored in C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/RPG Maker MV/Generator, if you're using steam.
  20. Draining the MV RTP Bathtub

    I think the one you've seen was probably this one by Pandamaru, whose terms are here. She's got the shower head, too!

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