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  1. KiraNet

    Charakter Creator won't load anymore?

    I havent done anything in RPG Maker for months and today I wanted to but when I opened the charakter creator it didnt load anymore... It doesnt crash or anything but the mouse keeps spinning and nothing loads...
  2. KiraNet

    Hairs for Generator for RPG Maker MV?

    Does anyone know where to get free hairstyles for the character Creator?
  3. KiraNet

    Preloader with less Ram use?

    Does anyone know a Preloader Plug In that uses not insane amount of ram? I need a preloader for my pics because they flicker during change to the next one... I used the one from SRD befor but that took tooooo much ram and the game kept crashing after 30 minutes... it reached 1.6 GB after just 5...
  4. KiraNet

    Why deals my Enemie no Damage?

    No matter what I change it just says that the allies remaind unhurt... even if I make her atk 999 they still remain unhurt... they didnt doged or anything! they dont have any items who do that or something... did I missed anything here? the other enemies with less power do deal damage .-.
  5. KiraNet

    How can I decide the priority for events on the same Page?

    I have a problem... I have multiple Events on one Map and I need one to be loaded specidic... but it instead loads the ealier one where I cant change he switch so both are active... cause the whole thing wouldnt work anymore then cause the ealier event needs to be loaded at the point where it...
  6. KiraNet

    Is there a free Plug In for playing a Video befor the title screen or after some seconds in the title screen?

    I didnt found any... does anyone know one? (If someone ever has made a plug in like that for free) With playing after some seconds I mean there are RPG where if you wait for a half minute a Intro or something starts playing.
  7. KiraNet

    Screen doesnt fade in anymore?

    In one Event I fade out the screen to show a text in a black screen (Which worked always fine) and then I switch to another Room with an autorun Event where I put in "Fade In Screen" (Or however its called exactly in the english version) but it keeps being black screen no matter in which order I...
  8. KiraNet

    Picture Tint effect 0 Frames?

    Is there any way to make the tint effect 0 frames? I wanna tint the potraits of my characters on screen to match the background but it just can be set to 1 so its flickers everytime when the picture changes and I dont have a program to tint them that way without that every pic is different...
  9. KiraNet

    Is it possible to Export with a Windows PC to Mac?

    I have version 1.5.1 and I wanted to ask if I just can export my game to mac and this would work then on mac... I dont have mac just windows... But I heard you need a mac to export to mac... is this true? So isnt it possible to export with windows to mac?
  10. KiraNet

    Where I can translate the "1% attacks" in the settings?

    I wanna make an english game but my engine is german and I dont find where I can translate "Greift an" into "attack"? I found all other senteces in the settings and translated them but I dont find this one...
  11. KiraNet

    How to change the font respectively what I made wrong?

    I wanted to change the font and I changed the name in the gamefont file to the font I wanna have and the font is also in the folder... but now if I wanna test the game it's just loading... and loading... and loading... befor even the title screen epears... how I can solve that? Or is the font...
  12. KiraNet

    How I can downgrade to 1.51 again?

    Now after deleting I had to redownload it but it's the 1.6 version and I need 1.5.1 for my projects... I don't have steam is there another way to do that?
  13. KiraNet

    How I can get RPG Maker MV back after deleting?

    I bought RPG Maker MV and I had to delete all from my PC 'cause a technical issue... I have the Productkey... can I just download it again and type it in there? Or do I have to do it different? I bought the key on Amazon if the info is needed...
  14. KiraNet

    Why does the Yanfly Row formation not work?

    I wanted to have more allies in my third project so changed with the party system plug in the max number. I also installed the row formation plug in to set the members that they are not on strange places but it doesn't work. Whatever I set they are in the air and I don't understand why. I used...
  15. KiraNet

    Cannot read property "addchild"of undefined

    This always comes if I turn on the TerraxLighting and I don't understand why. I used the same plug ins in another project and I never had problems with them. It pops up if I wanna start the game. Did I something wrong?
  16. KiraNet

    Is there a way to change the event order of skills in battles?

    I would like to play a video befor the character starts to attack in that skill. But I tried to do it with the common event but it plays just after the attack... Is there even a way to change the order so that the video plays befor?
  17. KiraNet

    How I can do this Skill?

    (Sorry if I maybe took the wrong place but I didn't found the right one) So I wanted to do a skill which do that 2 actors become alive again but it have to sacrifice one.. Is there anyway to do this or is it impossible? 'Cause I just can do one alive or all and nothing else +....
  18. KiraNet

    What does this Error Message means?

    TypeError Failed to execute "createLinearGradient" on "CanvasRenderingContext2D": float parameter 1 is non-finite I absolutly don't know what this suppost to mean... Do someone know it?
  19. KiraNet

    Why does MOG_Weather_EX Plugin doesn't work

    I used it in one project and it works fine but then I wanted to put it in in another project but there is just an Typeerror "Cannot read property "length" of undefined" when I want to start from a savestate when I make new game it works... Do I have to replay the game?
  20. KiraNet

    How can I pause a battle?

    I wanna make battle with 5 actors and at round 10 the battle should stop and switching to the other actors somewhere else and they should go to them and fighting with them but how I do it that the damage and the other things of the enimie are the same then they was when I fighted first with the...

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