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  1. m1y4mura

    RPG Maker-style map maker

    Is there any programs with good tile based map making where I could build maps for my game in rpg maker? The mapping there is fine but I'm getting a little bit frustrated with the tileset limitation. I could use a photo editing software, but working whit autotiles that way is a pain in the ass.
  2. m1y4mura

    RMMV Freeze map with custom menu

    I've created a custom menu using common events, but I'm facing some problems. I'm using Community Lighting to create a night cycle and the tint changes on the screen are visible even though the game should be paused. Also, my main character has idle animations, so she keeps moving while the menu...
  3. m1y4mura

    RMMZ Zoom plugin for MZ

    Is there any good Zoom MZ plugin? What I need is a plugin that let me set a default zoom that follows the player around and is blocked by map borders so that the black bars don't show. Something like MBS_MapZoom from MV, but for MZ...
  4. m1y4mura

    Window opacity in VisuStella Core plugin doesn't change

    I want the window background to have full opacity. I menaged to do this just fine with yanfly plugins on MV, but in MZ and with VisuStella plugins it doesn't seem to work the same way for some reason. I've changed the window opacity in the plugin but it doesn't affect the in game windows at all...
  5. m1y4mura

    Orange Overlays problem

    Basically my game has a system (parallel common event) to check what armor the player has equiped so that it can change the actor image. I don't know how this would cause any issues with the orange Overlays plugin, but it does. Every time I change armor and the image of the actor updates, the...

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