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  1. ArielWarrion

    ArielWarrion's GameOver Screen Resource (For MV)

    Hi... Because the RPG Maker MV has been released so, I converted some the previous one (link here) into MV sized (816 x 624). I also added the newest game Over Screen Sample then. Sci-Fi Theme (Enlarged) : Sci-Fi Theme (Darker version) (New) :   Bloody Theme (Larger version) : ...
  2. ArielWarrion

    ArielWarrion's GameOver Screen Resource

    UPDATE : Adding the Font Credits Hi... Maybe this is first time I posted my own made Game Over Screens.  Ok... This is it...  Warrion Heroes Game Over Screen (Of Course, It's From My Own Game I Make...)   Underwater Theme  Sci-Fi Theme Bloody Theme  Starlight Theme  Rules : 1. You...

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