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  1. Zarsla

    RMMZ Game menus, inventory and equipment

    You're welcome. I tend to word my answers in such a way that tries to get people to understand that plugins while a fix for their games, aren't inherently custom built for their games. Thus hopefully leading them to the conclusion that if they use public plugins, it's more about they're own...
  2. Zarsla

    RMMZ Game menus, inventory and equipment

    So whether or not you go into coding or not with your system, to get the best menu. You need to have a clear idea of what you want for a menu. A solo menu could just have the items and save as the only options to everything under the sun. So a better way to look at this, is to figure out what...
  3. Zarsla


    Interesting. Can this also be used in MZ as well? I own RMMV, but I'm curious if I can use this in MZ as well. It does match the window style fyi.
  4. Zarsla

    Need help with a glass cannon skill

    It's not going to work like that. For lots if reasons 1. You're code in the damage formula is wrong, like with what's written doesn't make sense. 2.Common event always happens after the damage formula. If I understand what you want, There's a 50/50 chance the user dies or the target dies...
  5. Zarsla

    Spell/attack that does instant death

    1. This is in the wrong place. 2. Put this in the damage formula box(make sure it's hp damage or one of the others except, none): b.die() If the above code doesn't work do this; b.gainHp(-b.hp); This will kill the target of the skill actor or enemy.
  6. Zarsla

    RMMZ Change weapon parameters in play / MZ Plugin

    @darklugia1997 I'm working on a plugin that does a bit more than that. But It's in very early development. Back in MV there was a plugin that did something called Independent Items, and I'm doing my own version, built into an basic backbone of redone inventory system. there's a bit of work to...
  7. Zarsla

    [CGMZ] Menu Command Window

    Can I use JS to show/hide commands?
  8. Zarsla

    RPG Maker MZ Preview #1: Music, Battles, Animations!

    Honestly I think it's Yoji, a plugin coder from JPN. But this is under the assumption of no ENG coders.
  9. Zarsla

    RPG Maker MZ Preview #1: Music, Battles, Animations!

    It could be Yami. Or any other with a Y name, There's even a Japanese coder with Y name, that produced plugins with RMMV
  10. Zarsla

    Your Next Adventure Awaits: RPG Maker MZ Trailer #1

    Hopefully something on plugins, like info for coders. I'm planning a plugin making series, were I show the audience how to make a plugin, with programming theory. Ie a lecture then show/code series. Where the entire series will include how to make a plugin from start to finish. I'm planning on...
  11. Zarsla

    RPG Maker MV FAQ

    I've said this multiple times, MV 1.6.0 had 2 updates. 1. was the code 2. The other was the engine And sooooo many people had to roll it back(1.6.1/1.6.2 is the just code changes, no engine update). If they can't even do a simple update without breaking the entire engine for people to use, why...
  12. Zarsla

    OMG, someone who gets it! I remember when MV was announced. And the freak outs, and storms where...

    OMG, someone who gets it! I remember when MV was announced. And the freak outs, and storms where seeing, is just the same thing with a new coat of paint.
  13. Zarsla

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    Oh... I see. From what it looks like we get MV mapping, this: And XP Mapping, this: And we can switch between them. Ie we can do maps like we do in MV or do them like we do in XP.
  14. Zarsla

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    I would love something like this.
  15. Zarsla

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    Hmmm...for those who are complaining. about updates for MZ. As someone who saw VXA -> MV. The engine got a new coat of paint but interms of features from VXA -> MV, that a non coding users can get: Added TP Commands Added Plugin Commads A few new conditions to events Plugin Manager Usage on...
  16. Zarsla

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    I mean MV has a play test feature.
  17. Zarsla

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    On plugins you could use Plugin Parameters instead of notetags, though I would argue that doing it easily wasn't really untill 1.5.x. And when I say instead, I mean using plugin parameters to do the work that notetags would do by specifying what item is going to be changed. As for who decides...
  18. Zarsla

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    I put my money on 3+ layers. Especially if they add MV Trinity Features. One of MV Trinity Features was Foreground & Background parallax. Basically a Foreground is a fog layer. (XP had a built in fog layer & 3+ layers, strong feeling that XP mapping system in it's full glory is coming back, but...
  19. Zarsla

    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    Honestly I see us getting MV Trinity Features: System Database improvements: -4/8 directional movement -Horizontal/Vertical Command Menu Choice -Still have the choice of Side/Front View, but with the additional options to have both(in the same game) -Visual Novel Format Others: -Extended...
  20. Zarsla

    Multiple Inventories

    I mean if you just need items and not gold you can use Waynee95 Storage System. And just use the storage for the unused party items.

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