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  1. SRD Picture Choice Plugin - Opacity Change

    Hi, I am currently using SRD Picture Choice Plugin and I noticed that the only way to distinguish the choice currently "pointed at" vs the other ones is the size scaling. I also want to add change in opacity. For example, for the currently selected, I want its opacity to be 255 while the others...
  2. Input Number Keyboard Support

    Hi, whenever I activate the "Input Number" window, the only way to change the numbers is to move up/down. I was wondering if there is a plugin that allows me to just type the numbers from the keyboard instead of pressing up/down, and then moving right to the next digit. Thank you.
  3. Auto Press "Enter" key

    I'm so sorry. I thought I already sent it, but I realized didn't send that specific event page with the Game Over. Basically in my event "Game Over," once I hit 0 in the timer, I activate a self-switch to move to the parallel event page with that Game Over. Sorry, I didn't send this sooner.
  4. Auto Press "Enter" key

    Unfortunately, I set Event 2 to "Action Button" with only one page and the results were still the same. I finally decided to give up on this idea. I really appreciate your efforts to help me out. Thank you.
  5. Auto Press "Enter" key

    Unfortunately, I can't get rid of it. I tried to switch off the event page with the input number in it, but still won't go away. I have the event page in Screenshot(47) and (48). And the game over event in (49) attached below. And here's what happened: 1. I interacted with the Blob (normal). 2...
  6. Auto Press "Enter" key

    I tried everything I could. Setting conditions that turned off switch for the event that the input number is in, but it never worked. On my game over event, I tried to turn on a switch that activates "exits the event processing" and "erase event" located at the input number event, but never...
  7. Auto Press "Enter" key

    I have set the two events, one where the player inputs the number and one that sets Game Over if the timer <= 0, both to parallel. If I set an autorun, the player can spend as much time on the number input as they want until they press "enter" even beyond the timer, which is not what I want. I...
  8. Auto Press "Enter" key

    I am working on a timed input number event in which if the player does not input a number (press the "enter" key) within the time limit, they get a Game Over. However, the problem is that the input number window still exists during the Game Over screen (if the player does not press enter), and I...
  9. Need help putting these Command Options in the center of the brain image.

    Thank you, however the text moved to the horizontal center only. However, the y-coordinates of the text are still close to 0, at the top of the image. Is there a way to move to the vertical center as well?
  10. Need help putting these Command Options in the center of the brain image.

    The main coding I have been working on was my own custom plugin that changes the menu called "Alt Menu." The "memories" and "rewind" are renamed "items" and "Game end" respectively. Thank you.
  11. Need help putting these Command Options in the center of the brain image.

    I was working on creating my own custom menu that displays two characters as well as the menu command list inside a brain image to give a sense of "accessing info through the brain." This menu is almost complete, however, the options are not centered around my image, which I tried to work on in...

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