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  1. NekoDev

    RMMV Unpro Pro Parallax Plugin crash on save and load.

    Okay I figured it out, it conflicts unfortunately with Alpha ABS. I will ask the author of AABS if he can do something with that. Still thanks for response!
  2. NekoDev

    RMMV Unpro Pro Parallax Plugin crash on save and load.

    Error when I try to save I encounter this bug when I try to save or load game. I tried moving it it up and down in Plugin Manager but it didn't change anything. Error is different when I try to load game.
  3. NekoDev

    RMMV Removing certain menu windows

    You can remove it with Yanfly's Menu Manager. You can download it for free here.
  4. NekoDev

    RMMV Dead Hearts

    Yeah, this might be your monitor's "fault", for me still screenshots and teaser are dark, but you can see some details in this dark. Also game will be this dark only in early events, later on most of events will happen in day I think. I understand why do you feel like that. I plan to not...
  5. NekoDev

    RMMV Dead Hearts

    Okay, thank for your suggestion! I added the probable price.
  6. NekoDev

    RMMV Dead Hearts

    Dead Hearts on Steam, wishlist it now! Dead Hearts on Gamejolt, follow it now! What would you do if all the people you knew were murdered before your eyes? What would you do if the scenery repeated itself over and over again? What would you do if you knew you were about to die in front of...
  7. NekoDev

    I've been working on my game for years and hit a wall I can't seem to overcome. It's an issue with Khas - Advanced Lighting plugin.

    I can't respond to your question but there are many cool alternatives for GALV Layer Graphics! For example my personal favourite - upp_ParralaxPro.
  8. NekoDev

    Menu is closing when common event is activated. How do i stop that?

    Unfortunately i don't know is there plugin like that. Maybe do plugin request here?
  9. NekoDev

    Menu is closing when common event is activated. How do i stop that?

    Well propably no without any plugins. That's because menu have own scene and when you're calling common event this scene is automatically changed to map scene i think.
  10. NekoDev

    Change MP costs in Battle?

    You can always disable using this skill in battle but it's propably not that what you want. There are for sure script commands that could help you, you just need to search for it. Unfurtunately i can't help you with that.
  11. NekoDev

    Help - How to show enemy state icon below the enemy in a sideview battle

    Propably yes, but you need to find in code where it is and change it to your liking. Firstly you can search in Yanfly's battle plugins he have everything sorted in his code. If you don't find anything you should check rpg_scenes and rpg_windows .js files in /Your Project/js/ folder. You should...
  12. NekoDev

    Help! Custom map sprite of party members overlapping.

    You can always change how much pixels tiles have but it could get you more work on changing tilesets for that. Or you can change width to 48 and leave height but you don't want it propably.
  13. NekoDev

    Time Fantasy weapon problem RPG MV

    It's pretty easy. You can just replace weapons located in /system/ folder with blank images.
  14. NekoDev

    How to Change Moghunter Time system plugins to digital version?

    you can make it with common events and pictures, actually it shouldn't be hard.
  15. NekoDev


  16. NekoDev

    How to integrate YEP_CreditsPage with SRD_TitleCommandCustomizer

    Okay i found that. this.commandCredits.bind(this); After that it should show window, but i'm getting an error. I tried disabling QTouch but it did nothing. Can someone tell me how can I "push" window so it would work with SRD's plugin? If for some reason it's not possible, can someone edit...
  17. NekoDev

    How to integrate YEP_CreditsPage with SRD_TitleCommandCustomizer

    I tried searching in Yanfly plugin scene name, but then i discovered it doesn't have unique scene, it's just window. Is there an script command that does something similar to SceneManager.push(Scene Name)? Thanks for any replies!
  18. NekoDev

    How to LOCK images?

    Help file, if author doesn't included it in plugin i can't help you. Try searching for tutorials or something.
  19. NekoDev

    FREE Need anime bust/scene artist

    Who I need? I am looking for artist that could draw for me busts and/or scenes in anime style for my game. It would be also appreciated if that person could draw monsters/animals etc. but it's not necessary. As you can see, this thread is in Project Recruitment and not in Resource Requests...

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