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  1. kiddeath95

    Super speed/teleport player on map?

    Conditional branches, checking for each 4 directions. And then move that direction x amount of spaces.
  2. kiddeath95

    Super speed/teleport player on map?

    Have a Common Event that is parallel, do conditional branch to check if the user pressed the D and VK_LSHIFT or VK_RSHIFT (Virtual-Key Codes, and you'd have to go to the script part in the conditional branch) and then just do a set move route on the player, increase their speed to the fastest...
  3. kiddeath95

    I just got a new hard drive, kept freezing my computer. Now I'm back to 1TB :/ was really...

    I just got a new hard drive, kept freezing my computer. Now I'm back to 1TB :/ was really looking for to the 2TB.
  4. kiddeath95

    Greetings from a Newbie!

    Welcome to the crew Joe! Have fun exploring the forums and most importantly, have fun with the program!
  5. kiddeath95

    Bounty System?

    You would want to reset that variable, or have a total kill count for each enemy, and also the current kill count you need. That way if they get the same type of bounty (cause ik some games with that type of system gives off similar bounties or tasks), it wont just say that the player has...
  6. kiddeath95

    Monster/Actor Breeding

    Soudns like an amazing update! Cant wait!
  7. kiddeath95

    Monster/Actor Breeding

    Cant wait to see the monster storage box. I think notetags may come in handy for what the other guy said about the mother breeding with the egg having a certain icon. Or maybe not. Not 100% sure. Are these plugins going to be for commercial or non-commercial projects?
  8. kiddeath95

    Monster/Actor Breeding

    You should probably add the description part for it. That way people will know how to use the script. (that way, we dont have to keep coming to the site for it). I think another thing that would be really cool to add to this, would be to allow us to decide which actor(s) should be able to breed...
  9. kiddeath95

    Monster/Actor Breeding

    I'll definetly take a look at it later!
  10. kiddeath95

    Monster/Actor Breeding

    Why not make a script or add it into the script to create a max actor?
  11. kiddeath95

    Monster/Actor Breeding

    I think that sounds like a good idea.
  12. kiddeath95

    Monster/Actor Breeding

    That sounds good. Would we be able to use our own audio when it happens?
  13. kiddeath95

    Monster/Actor Breeding

    I think that when the egg hatches, it's stats should be randomized (to make it seem like the hatched has its own traits like they usually do). Also, would the image of the egg be customizable (can we choose various egg images. Like maybe the hatchling is going to be a certain class or element...
  14. kiddeath95

    Card and Deck base

    Could you create a demo using these two scripts so others may be able to understand how to use this script. I'll be sure to be checking this out later tonight! This will be awesome!!
  15. kiddeath95

    Card and Deck base

    Sweet, i will check this out later and play around with it once you have the script up for use!
  16. kiddeath95

    Card and Deck base

    Can you have more than one deck of cards? Maybe something like Yugioh or Magic?
  17. kiddeath95

    Cvrtis' Edits (Little update)

    These are AWESOME!!!!
  18. kiddeath95

    Flirion's Charsets and Facesets recolors (MV) - Updated 19/11/19

    By chance, will you be making facesets to go along with these? They are awesome tho!
  19. kiddeath95

    Bobstah's Weapon/Armor/State/Actor/Class Level Up Bonuses v1.1.1 - Combine with Sockets for Materia!

    Would I be able to apply some of these effects after the actor has reached a certain level with a specified armor attached?
  20. kiddeath95

    Bokou's Freesources - Added Gothic Tileset

    The canister doesnt appear on the characters back in the generator for when he walks up.

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