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  1. "The Sheltered"

    The Sheltered A Game By Benjamin Famiglietti Now Available on Desura: Questions/Comments:     One fallout shelter. Four beds.  Tomorrow they drop the bomb.  You're the man with the gun. In this post-outbreak world, where...
  2. Replace Menu Screen With Save Screen

    This worked! Thank you!!!
  3. Replace Menu Screen With Save Screen

    Hmmm... Not quite working. I get an error saying the last end is "unexpected" Image attached for that. When I delete that end line, the error goes away but there's no change in the menu. Sorry... I'm not too comfortable with scripts... I wonder if it has something to do with the other scripts I...
  4. Replace Menu Screen With Save Screen

    My current game has no need for a menu screen, however, it would be nice to replace that function instead with the Save Game screen. I know how to remove functions from the menu (in the window_MenuCommand section) but this still means going to the menu and then selecting "Save" which is the only...
  5. Custom Character Sprites Slipping

    I just figured it out! You got me thinking about the sizing of each sprite - relative the edge of the sprite sheet, I noticed the sprites on the end were a little closer to the edge of the image than the distance between any two sprites. I simply took the same sprite sheet and made it a little...
  6. Custom Character Sprites Slipping

    Yea - in terms of naming convention, thats what I had in there. I just named the compressed screenshot differently… sorry of the confusion. Each sprite takes up roughly the same amount of grid space, but not exactly. Sometimes when his foot is extended all the way, the sprite is longer than one...
  7. Custom Character Sprites Slipping

    It could be an alignment issue… if so, whats the best way to solve? Video attached for reference:
  8. Custom Character Sprites Slipping

    I've been using HF Mega Pack sprites and tiles (downloaded from the RPG Maker Resources page) to make my game and everything imported and works. I then decided to add a few extra fames to my hero sprite's walk cycle by painting them photoshop and using an "Extra Movement Frame" script (by Modern...
  9. Seamlessly Looping BGS sound

    Problem solved -  I just tried opening it in Audacity and it didn't loop correctly. It had looped correctly in Logic and GarageBand, but for some reason Audacity didn't loop it perfectly. I trimmed the front and back of the clip in Audacity slightly so that it looped correctly, then exported an...
  10. Seamlessly Looping BGS sound

    Sure - The native format was an MP3. I then I tried converting it into an ogg. Both have the same result. The track is about 22 seconds. It might be worth noting that it doesn't loop perfectly when played through quicktime or windows media player. But loops fine in WinAmp, Logic and Garage Band...
  11. Seamlessly Looping BGS sound

    I'm using the built in Rain BGS, but the loop is pretty short. I've recorded and looped my own, longer rain BGS and it loops seamlessly when played in any other audio player. But when I import into RPG Maker VX Ace,  I can still hear a frame of silence where the file stops and then starts...
  12. Calling the "Continue" Screen via an Event

    Sure! (And sorry about not posting in the correct forum). Your mention of the Disable Save command made me find the event command "Change Save Access". I used this before the "Open Save Screen" command and it worked! It was so obvious… I've posted the links to the scripts I'm using anyway, but...
  13. Calling the "Continue" Screen via an Event

    I'm building a game with an interactive title screen, rather than the traditional one. The character is able to walk around and choose (from books on a table) whether to start a new game or load a previous file. Currently, I'm using a script to skip the title screen and go directly to this...

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