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  1. GnasherKO

    Gnasher's SV battler animated enemies

    Yeah, I used the character sheets for the stock characters as a template for sizing and ratios but drew these characters by myself. If you want to add more animated SV battlers in here then by all means, although maybe make sure you clearly state it as your work since I titled the thread for my...
  2. GnasherKO

    Gnasher's SV battler animated enemies

    Go ahead, happy for them to be used. Would appreciate a credit and if you'd have any scenes or screenshots when they're in the game to share, then I'd love to see them.
  3. GnasherKO

    Gnasher's SV battler animated enemies

    I've got another monster/enemy to add. This one being a zombie, undead type character. Got an arrow through the head and a missing arm with a protruding bone. The bone arm can pose an issue when the character has weapons equipped, so wouldn't suggest giving this one any weildable items. Zombie...
  4. GnasherKO

    Custom SV Battler Character limitations

    Thanks for the help guys, I've had a look at the Assets info in the help section. I'll just have to play around with the resolutions of the images then and try to find one fits the size I'm going for.
  5. GnasherKO

    Custom SV Battler Character limitations

    Hi guys, I've recently (finally) bought myself a license to RMMZ and started working on a project. I quickly realised I was interested in having both sv animated characters in battle sequences as well as enemies. Having looked into this further found most of the resources pointing to Visustella...
  6. GnasherKO

    Gnasher's SV battler animated enemies

    Hi guys, new on here and new to RMMZ. Have been working on making some SV enemies to create a library for myself and thought I'd share my version of a skeleton for anyone looking to have animated skeleton minions or enemies. Here's the skeleton: Also, I was hoping anyone could help me with...

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