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    Need help with Galv's Map Travel

    @Tiamat-86 I know i could do it without plugin, but i want to push myself to learn new things little bit at a time by studying other people's work. Thanks to both of you, i went and manually copied everything to a new project and it worked.:kaophew: I don't know why the demo didn't run.
  2. 0sleepy0

    Need help with Galv's Map Travel

    :kaoswt2: so, i'm probably blind because i can't find list of requirements on page and i can't study demo, because i can't run it :(
  3. 0sleepy0

    Need help with Galv's Map Travel

    Hi, i need help with Galv's map travel plugin. Every time i open demo i get error Galv is not defined.
  4. 0sleepy0


    Well it's more interesting when the ending is different  :rwink: Thanks for playing :)
  5. 0sleepy0


    Dammit this shows how new i am at rpg maker..... Really appreciate you not giving up on this and telling me my mistakes :rhappy: ...... I hope it'll work now  :rswt:
  6. 0sleepy0


    Thanks a lot for trying it  :rhappy: You are absolutely right it has some bugs, probably because i played it on debug mode XD I updated it, hopefully i fixed it :) Thanks for trying this mess, if you can please try it again please  :rswt:
  7. 0sleepy0

    Will test any game for free!

    Thank you!!!! (i play with rpg mv just on free time so i've been using debug mode and didn't realize those stupid mistakes) Now i know what i did wrong... Give me couple hours and i'll fix it Really appreciate your response  :rhappy:
  8. 0sleepy0

    Will test any game for free!

    Alright then. What do you think about my little game Start 
  9. 0sleepy0

    Looking for fellow newbies to start a new project

    Hi there ^.^ I hope it's not too late to join in :) If there's place for amateur writer (to create scene, settings, etc.) i would like to hop in on the project :rhappy:
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    You dedicated your life guiding other people.  And though your physical life has come to the end your soul has been given a chance to join Deep Abyss Sparks Factory (DASF). Too bad that after your soul has been detached from your body, all of your memories disappeared. But that's not...
  11. 0sleepy0

    Theory of Everything : A philosophico-educative RPG

    Awesome idea to use scientific facts in game. :thumbsup-left: Good job! :thumbsup-right: (When i saw i couldn't resist and just had to do that chemical equation.   ^.^)
  12. 0sleepy0

    Non-Combat Menu

    did you know? there is a mix-up Window_ItemCategory.prototype.makeCommandList = function() {     if (NCMenu.showConsumables) {this.addCommand(TextManager.item,  'item')}     if (NCMenu.showKeyItems) {this.addCommand(TextManager.weapon,   'weapon')}     if (NCMenu.showWeapons)...
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    January Goals & Progress Thread

    Playing with MV first short project Mv_play_mediafire
  14. 0sleepy0

    Story based game

    @Joewoof and @Misaki           
  15. 0sleepy0

    Story based game

    @trevers18         Thanks :) @Wavelenght     Thant's the thing i want to avoid combat as much as possible and instead maybe add some riddles or puzzles ;) @Beedoe            I was thinking to do it episodically at the beginning, later use feedback, edit a bit and fuse them together :)
  16. 0sleepy0

    Story based game

    @Andar          Thanks for pointing out the colored text  :) @Celianna      Yeah I know about them but I'm not got at digital art so sprites and tile sets only :| @Euphony      Of course it is going to be free :D @ supercow    Thanks for opinion :cutesmile:
  17. 0sleepy0

    Story based game

    I'm a bit at war with myself. I always wanted to write a novel but I'm not good at describing environment. So my main questions are: 1. would a game strongly based on story (with some riddles or something) would get any attention? :unsure: 2. do people (in general) enjoy RPG Makers combat and...
  18. 0sleepy0

    November Goals & Progress Thread

    Map using Celianna World Map Maker  :)  What do you think? Should i use it or try something more realistic?  :unsure:
  19. 0sleepy0

    Minnow's RTP Edits (Updated 12/05 with large tree!)

    I love your work  :rock-left:   :D   :rock-right:
  20. 0sleepy0

    Maru's MV Bits

    Hi I have a little question, will you do ancient Egyptian type tilesets? :)   Just wondering...

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