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  1. One quest per day limitation

    Yeah, thanks buddy. Very much appreciate such an informative answer to my question. I agree, asking anyone for help here was only my mistake, because response like "go f yourself" i could received anywhere else on the internet.
  2. One quest per day limitation

    Again, I'm a complete newb in this. The only thing about the time system that I was able to implement is the method of spawning ore and herbs, with variables and local events. No plugins, no core. I tried to find the right plugins on mz, but either I'm blind or I don't know where to find them...
  3. One quest per day limitation

    It's only recently that I got into making games in rpgm and I have a lot of ideas that I can hardly implement at the moment so I need help. I want to limit number of quests npc will be able to give per day. For example, npc will give the player today a task to collect something trivial like...

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Just once I would like to see some innocent person stumble upon a body in a crime show and instead of scream they sigh and just say, "Found another one."
Can we get like a RPGM VXA Pro edition with all the limits gone!!
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