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  1. djbeardo

    Pixi Filter Controller - fancy screen effects by pixi (MZ version released!)

    I just wanted to add a note here for anyone who might be coming across this plugin since rpgmaker MV 1.6.2 has come out: There seems to be some kind of issue with the latest version of the plugin, but version 2.0.8 of the plugin seems to work. You can find the old version on the github.
  2. djbeardo

    RMVXA At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

    That's great! I hope you can get through them all. They are all at varying levels of good. Lemme know if you find anything game-breaking!
  3. djbeardo

    RMVXA At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

    Yes, updates have been made to the Gamejolt version. Please redownload the gamejolt version and copy/paste your savegame. Thanks!
  4. djbeardo

    RMVXA At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

    I was able to find that bug and make a fix for it. It turns out that the new antilag script I am using was not loading the sprites correctly! I was also able to play through from that place to the end and I didn't encounter any bugs, so I hope it's good to go. I'm unsure when you may see this...
  5. djbeardo

    RMVXA At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

    Weird! There have been some issues with cutscenes getting corrupted that have worked for years. I don't know what the issue is. I will fix this tonight after work and put a new version up. I will reply here and let you know when they are updated.
  6. djbeardo

    RMVXA At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

    Which version did you download? Which bugs are there? Is it not opening?
  7. djbeardo

    RMVXA At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

    Thanks! Yep, short and sweet! I also made this post while I was at work, so I couldn't spend too much time on it! Lol! I've got a few more games planned for the series, but hopefully they won't take as long as this one!
  8. djbeardo

    RMVXA At Last Alone: Canyon of Fires

  9. djbeardo

    TMJumpAction by tomoaky - size of player

    I've been playing around with TMJumpAction by tomoaky, a japanese plugin that turns RPGMaker into a sidescroller/platformer. It's pretty fun and I've been able to figure some things out via google translate and experimentation. However, I'm trying to figure out how to make the player's...
  10. djbeardo

    Clear graphics cache with script call

    Omg. Capital C. I've been struggling with this for a week. *head smack* Thank you so much!
  11. djbeardo

    Clear graphics cache with script call

    Is there a simple script call that clears the cache/ram? I've look around and someone said a simple script call of "cache.clear" will do it - but that gives me a crash. Do I put "$cache.clear"? And then I found this forum, but the formatting of the rgss is all funky in one of the replies and it...
  12. djbeardo

    Battle QTE System - v1.2 (17/02/2015)

    That's the weird thing - the rest of the battle is fine. I can select the people, choose other skills, use items. And when the battle ends, I can move around the map normally. That's what's so surprising: There's no indication that the QTE system won't work until it suddenly doesn't work. I am...
  13. djbeardo

    Battle QTE System - v1.2 (17/02/2015)

    This is a great script and I've been able to get it to work pretty well. My only problem is that it seems to freeze up sometimes. Like, the circle will appear, the second hand will rotate, and the arrow will pop up. But no key press will be recorded. You can mash on the correct key and nothing...
  14. djbeardo

    Battle Engine Symphony

    Does anyone know of a way to change the battler sprite mid-battle? Like, I have a boss that has an elemental shift mid-battle and I'd like him to turn from his red (fire element) sprite to his blue (water element sprite, which is just a blue palette swap) mid battle. I've tried a few different...
  15. djbeardo

    How do I use GubiD Tactical Battle System for VX Ace?

    You can download my game and take a look at the scripts. I got everything to work pretty well and patched a few things up that didn't work.
  16. djbeardo

    RMMV Indrah's IGMC2017 Let's Plays and notes. 50 games and counting

    @Indrah Thanks for trying my game! It's too bad that it isn't your type of game, so I appreciate you giving it a shot.
  17. djbeardo

    RMMV Indrah's IGMC2017 Let's Plays and notes. 50 games and counting

    I'll just be happy if someone plays my game!
  18. djbeardo

    RMVXA At Last Alone: Risen [made for IGMC 2017]

    Game Setting A report has reached the Kingdom of Laurentide that a terrible illness has spread within a fishing village in the western islands. Illness has been virtually wiped out due to advances in medicine, so the report is met with concern. What befell the community if Ivy Cove? Can Shatter...
  19. djbeardo

    Woratana multiple Fog's for Ace

    I was told that there might be an error with the June 2017 post of the code - a missing "end" command, perhaps. So I have re-posted it here instead of making a new thread. This is copied directly from my game, so I know it works. But I did change the names for the various fogs and clouds, so be...
  20. djbeardo

    FyxInput conflict with lockpick event

    YESSS! Thank you so much for helping me with this! Also, I noticed that there was an error in my eventing on the second sheet. The nested conditional branches for the solution button press both need to test against event 96. Otherwise, if the lockpick is past the degree for the solution, no...

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