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  1. RPG Maker MV / MZ Script Call List

    A few, hopefully small and easy questions: 1) Is there a script call to remove all actors from the active party? I've found this one (Earlier in this thread actually) $gameParty.removeActor($gameParty.allMembers()[slotToRemove].actorId()) Which apparently removes a single actor from the party...
  2. [Request] A way to create random dungeons using pre-made maps [AKA NOt JUST another Random Dungeon R

    The Request: I'm interested in a script that, as the title suggests, uses a handful of rules to make a random dungeon out of separate rooms made in maps. The best example of what I'm interested in doing is the Binding of Isaac. [Not Played/Don't know about the Binding of Isaac? Have a...
  3. Perma-Death in a long game...

    For me there's 3 big questions you have to ask if you're going to implement Permadeath: * Is there another reason to the Permadeath outside of "The Challenge" for example being able to unlock new stuff over repeated play-through's or just general world persistence? * Is the Permadeath just...
  4. 'Types' Discussion

    To be honest, it's all about what feels appropriate/fun/interesting to your game. That said I'm thinking of having different Elemental resistances and making them key to my battle system (although I'm still working out the kinks). The basic plan is as follows: Change the 6 Attributes to the...
  5. Map Generator

    Thanks for this Sanshiro, I love these kind of scripts (mostly because I'm useless at mapping :P ) However, I've hit a problem and can't seem to get the script to work: On the left is what I've put in the editor, but on the right is whats actually turning up on the map, which is weird :(...
  6. No level ups. Other ways to increase the strength of your characters.

    Theres a system I'd love to do like some of these, it does use levels but merely as a ranking system: 1) Levels don't affect anything, just a general guideline of the enemies you should be facing and the stuff you have access to. 2) Stat-Ups would be gained though Items (PIlls, Herbs etc.) and...
  7. Rogue-Lite Actors - User Created vs Pre-Generated vs Randomised

    I'm a big fan of rogue-lites and have been trying to make one in RPG Maker for a while. With MV i've finally decided to knuckle down and get it done. While I've (mostly) got the whos, the wheres and the hows down, one of the biggest concepts I've yet to figure out is the characters. Mainly...
  8. Reset actor's stats when died

    It's something I'm considering for a game I'm trying to do. Something to consider is that when your characters go back to level 1 leaving behind something (still give them access to better items etc.) would lessen frustration immensely. The one I'm im working on uses Galv's Magic Shards plugin...
  9. Pokemon & Permadeath

    Hi, I've sorta-kinda finalized my plans and realized I'm 3/4 plugins shy of doing what I'd love to do and as my javascript skills are basically non-resistant (although I am slowly going through the CodeAcademy lessons) I'm going to put in my first requests of the MV era.   Firstly, I'm...
  10. RPG Maker MV / MZ Script Call List

    Spot on Shaz. It was the Variable throwing up the issue. Thanks so much to the both of you for the help
  11. RPG Maker MV / MZ Script Call List

    Amazing, thank you so much for this. However I seem to have ran into a bit of a problem. I'm trying to event a character creation thing for practice and  after trying to use this code: $$gameVariables[8]).changeClass(3)   I'm getting this error:    TypeError Cannot read...

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