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  1. Recovering original tileset

    OK thanks - not sure why my search didn't find them but I tracked them down manually. Thanks again
  2. Recovering original tileset

    I recently downloaded a DLC tileset ('Creepy Land Tileset Pack') and imported some of the tiles. It immediately disrupted some of my existing maps and I realised that some of the tile filenames were identical to the original 'basic' tiles (e.g. 'Inside_A1'). I should have checked this of course...
  3. MZ inspired battler

    These are really great - do you have 'base' sprites that you would be prepared to share? Would really help in developing some other characters in the same style. Keep up the great work!

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I created a skill that can only be used if there are enemies within the player's range. When the player's range is 2, which one do you think is more appropriate to describe the range area?
Just once I would like to see some innocent person stumble upon a body in a crime show and instead of scream they sigh and just say, "Found another one."
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