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  1. LGardner

    FREE (Various Roles) Apocalyptic Zombie Game

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: Over a year ago I began work on a visual novel tentatively titled 73 Minutes, to be released on android (primarily) and most likely on PC as well. The basic premise is a game in which player choice has real and lasting consequences (inspirations include Mass...
  2. LGardner

    Help with YEP_Message Core (and name boxes)

    Hello, I would like help with Yanfly's Message Core: My issue is that my game has two sizes of message box (small, and large). The large message box is 875 pixels wide, and the small box is 475 pixels wide. When I use the small message box, the...
  3. LGardner

    Setting up events when you have more than one Actor to choose from at the start

    A couple of ideas: Changing Actor Graphic: Use Yanfly's Core Engine, and Message Core plugins. That will allow you to load this as an actor graphic [put it in the message box]: \af[\v[7]] If you then change variable 7 {for example} to whichever actor id your player picks, that actor image...
  4. LGardner

    Restoring X MP per turn

    Cheers mate, that looks like it should work. Edit: Worked. Kind of embarrassed it didn't occur to me. I don't even need a troop event, I already have a common event that runs at the end of each turn thanks to a passive state and yanfly's plugins. I just needed to add that script in there.
  5. LGardner

    View description of enemy states in battle

    It's not as in-depth as the plugin, but you could just call a text message through a common event when the enemy uses that skill, and then put whatever information you want in the message. Use a self-switch so that it doesn't repeat every time. In your case I would do something like: Actor One...
  6. LGardner

    Setting up events when you have more than one Actor to choose from at the start

    What do you want to change depending on the character? The actor graphic in the text box, the name, or what other people are saying to the character when they meet them [and if so, just a word, or the whole message]?
  7. LGardner

    Restoring X MP per turn

    Hello, I would like a way for a state to restore "2 MP" per turn, regardless of the actor's max mp. The mp regeneration ex-parameter is based on a % value, so doesn't work if actors have different max MPs, or when armor and weapons increase or decrease an actor's MP. I could calculate the...
  8. LGardner

    "Cannot Move" HP Retrieval

    Potentially a bug, but I want to check I'm not doing something wrong. I habitually save Enemy 1 HP, Enemy 2 HP, etc, after each action, into a variable, directly from Game Data: Enemy 1 Scored Damage = Max HP of #1 Enemy 1 Stored Damage -= HP of #1 This works fine, except I have one state...
  9. LGardner

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Hi. Many thanks for the reply. I had Yanfly core installed, but not Yanfly Damage Core. Have since installed it. Am still not having any joy I am afraid; I tried the code you suggested in both the damage box: Neither worked. However, in response to your edit, I can confirm that does...
  10. LGardner

    RMMV Damage Formula - ideas and help

    Is there no way to do this within the damage formula? I have several skills which use common events individually. In order to tidy them up, I thought it would be ideal to use the damage formula to set the variable Skill [variable 5] to the number of the skill [67, for instance], and then call...
  11. LGardner

    State Removal Common Event

    I would like to execute a Common Event or Plugin Command when a state is removed from a player ON THE MAP, directly after the message which appears saying, for example, "Actor Woke Up" or "Actor is No Longer Poisoned". Yanfly's States and Buffs core seems to work in battle but not on the map...
  12. LGardner

    Face Changing Based on Equipment

    What I would like to achieve: I have eight emotions for each of my nine characters. I would like to be able to change the face graphic for a character depending on armour equipped. So, for example, if Actor 1's angry face is being used, it would change the attached armour based on what the...
  13. LGardner

    Checking if a variable has a value within a range

    Hello, I want to make a conditional branch that checks if Variable 40 has a value between 21 and 30. Assuming I need to use the "Script" function within the Conditional Branch, what would I need to type inside? Many thanks!
  14. LGardner

    YEP Base Parameters - Weapon/Actor-based Parameter Change

    Hello, I am trying for a certain effect and I think is the best way to achieve it. I'm not quite sure how to go about it, however. Basically, I would like different actors to have different abilities with weapon types. For the sake...
  15. LGardner

    RMMV Allow a skill to target both dead and alive allies

    IT WORKS! You are a lifesaver. Really, I cannot thank you enough. :) As a sidenote, I tried it initially this time before the DOA plugin and it didn't work - but trying it placed after the DOA plugin does. That might be worth putting in the plugin information, which says to place it after the...
  16. LGardner

    RMMV Allow a skill to target both dead and alive allies

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do that. Unfortunately, it's still not letting me target anyone. I've tried with spell scope set to One Ally or One Ally [Dead], same results. Plugin order is Yanfly Battle Engine Core, then DeadorAliveItem, then your plugin. I've tried changing the...
  17. LGardner

    RMMV Allow a skill to target both dead and alive allies

    Thank you for the digging. I was very excited to try this, even more so when I found I already had it installed! I also use Steam. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I tried it at the bottom of my plugin list, then at the top [suspecting a conflict]. Same in both cases. If I target a dead ally, it...
  18. LGardner

    How to remove the TP gauge entirely?

    YEP_CoreEngine has the ability to set "Menu TP Bar" to false.
  19. LGardner

    RMMV Allow a skill to target both dead and alive allies

    Soulrender, your approach unfortunately did not work. I corrected the spelling of "length", also with no luck. :/ The player steps forward, but no animation or healing takes place. That is equally true when used on a dead or alive actor. Zetech, same situation. Caethryil, interestingly, your...
  20. LGardner

    RMMV Allow a skill to target both dead and alive allies

    Thanks so much. It is still not working for me - I have attached a couple of screenshots, perhaps you can tell me where I am going wrong. Yanfly's Target Core is enabled, in the right place in the plugin list, and turned on. I also had the idea [as I said, I am new at this] than when you wrote...

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