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  1. lil1I

    Change "Target: All" functionality

    There's a lot of effects that trigger when damaged and dealing damage. I can only imagine those effects are triggering at the same time all at once on all enemies when the skill target is 'all' so it's causing lag as there is no wait time. I don't want to change the scope as that will also...
  2. lil1I

    Change "Target: All" functionality

    @ATT_Turan @Sword_of_Dusk I want the damage to happen one-by-one not all at once because I noticed it's actually causing lag. I don't know the default does that? Didn't expect that answer @.@ Yeah I've been using Yanfly Engine since the beginning of time. It's what made me buy RMMV in the first...
  3. lil1I

    Change "Target: All" functionality

    I want to change the "target: all" functionality so that it will execute the damage one-by-one to all enemies rather than all at once. I thought it's gonna be as simple as making a for loop but I'm lost at how the damages are executed. So what is the function that is responsible for executing...
  4. lil1I

    Alternative to Shops?

    oh... sorry I forgot to be more specific. The place is a barren planet. The game is futuristic (you travel in different planets) but the planets are kinda empty just full of snow, forest, mountains, etc.
  5. lil1I

    Alternative to Shops?

    I want to make shops (potions, weapons, general store, etc.) but in a place wherein there's supposed to be no people in it so it doesn't make sense that there's a shop in that place. What can be an alternative? I am really out of ideas.
  6. lil1I

    RMMV [Yanfly Equip Requirements] Hide items that doesn't meet requirements.

    I'm struggling to find the code that lists all the items upon clicking an equip slot. I think it's Window_ItemList.prototype.makeItemList but I'm not sure what to do with it. Basically what I want is to filter out items that the character cannot equip. Eg. If I click on a Weapon slot, the...
  7. lil1I

    RMMV Direct Cache Control

    I'm looking for a plugin that has direct control on the cache. - You can check what's currently in cache using debug tool - Add files directly to cache using script call - Remove or set for removal a file from the cache using script call I once saw a plugin that does these things but now I can...
  8. lil1I

    [Survey] How much are you willing to pay for an RPG Maker game?

    You saw an ad of a game and quickly recognized it was made in RPG Maker. Let's say the game has about 20% RTP assets in it but it is a really good one. You clicked the ad and found out you need to buy the game to play it. Will you consider buying it at all or immediately pass because "it's just...
  9. lil1I

    What is the best RPG Maker game posted on this forum, in your opinion?

    Ascendants is a hidden gem. I remember spending a whole week playing it in my phone non-stop. It's so polished and you can tell much effort was put into it. What I love so much is it's a battle-focused game. Each bosses and even the normal monsters have unique and themed skillsets.
  10. lil1I

    Starting Aug 2021, old method of exporting to android will no longer work

    We need a new guide how to deploy our mobile games in Google Play. A guide how to use the Android App Bundle and Play Asset Delivery. Old method of uploading the APK directly to google play will no longer work starting August.
  11. lil1I

    Drawing using mouse+keyboard (no Drawing Pad)

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Looks like I'll go with paint tool sai but I'm wondering if Photoshop is actually better? However, I have Photoshop but I never thought of drawing with it. I also tried drawing through phone, but I can't draw with my fingers properly. I would also like to know...
  12. lil1I

    Drawing using mouse+keyboard (no Drawing Pad)

    Hello, not really sure if this is the right place to post this but... I wanted to draw my own art in my game. I want something like these, but I'm a newbie in drawing digitally. What are the programs that I need? Is it even possible without drawing pad? Maybe I can draw...
  13. lil1I

    Looking for a popular android game that is similar to RPG Maker Games

    Can anyone recommend a popular android game (and a certified good one) that plays similarly to RPG Maker games. I wanna get some ideas from it. By RPG Maker Games, I mean the side-view turn-based RPG ones. Optional but I really want to try an open world with a crafting system. Also, no...
  14. lil1I

    Ascendants: Power Rising (Available on Mobile and PC!)

    Holy moly... the new update is great. This is one of the best rpg maker games I've played and it keeps on getting better and better each patch. This game is a hidden gem that everyone must try. I'm playing the mobile version and I can't believe it's running so well in my device.
  15. lil1I

    SRD_WalkCharBattlers revive issue

    When using this plugin, actor sprites will become totally invisible after dying. When revived, their sprites remain invisible. How to fix this issue? I'm referring to this plugin: Edit: I'm using the fade or instant death btw. The lay 90 degrees...
  16. lil1I

    Another Round of Misc. Questions

    1. Option 1 2. User 3. Magic Bolt
  17. lil1I

    RMMV Dungeon Explorer Prototype v1 (PLAYABLE)

    I tried it and this game rings a bell to me, it's similar. I suggest you try that game, although you have to pay for it though. But it's worth it, it has long gameplay and it's one of the very polished rmmv game that uses some rtp.
  18. lil1I

    I'm stuck on making progress for my game because of story

    what game is it? I see 4 in your signature There's terraria where you start from nothing and just explore the world the way you like. But that is like minecraft where you can place items and I definitely can't do that. I'm pretty sure there are games out there that doesn't have story. As I've...
  19. lil1I

    I'm stuck on making progress for my game because of story

    So I've spent 2 months creating my game's mechanics and such but now I'm stuck on one thing and I'm unable to complete it because of it. It's the freaking story. It's been already weeks that I'm trying to make a good story but freaking hell I still don't have a good one today. So I realized that...
  20. lil1I

    Yanfly's Counter Control + Multiple Elements ??

    I encountered this problem today. Is there solution or workaround to this?

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