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  1. Deployment errors

    I'm actually getting a similar issue now. I'm deploying my project using the "Exclude Unused Files" option and half of the animations the engine comes with, are not being deployed with the project. I deployed once with the option selected and once without to look at both project folders and...
  2. Avy's Icon Workshop

    Yes, it's about 50 icons that need to be made in the DokuCraft style. More or less than half of the icons have already been finished, I just thought it would be worth asking. For the most part, I can use the Yanfly resource, but I still have an issue where I need a full set of icons for Light...
  3. Avy's Icon Workshop

    Hello, Avery. I'm working on a project, but lost contact with my artist. I know its a longshot, but would you be willing to look at his work and see if you could fill in the remaining Icons I needed? I usually don't use forums, prefer talking over discord or something like that. I know I'm...

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That moment when I am listening to another instructor teach and I am thinking…I have been doing this for almost 30 years…I know this material…I teach this material…and you are confusing the crap out of me…let alone the students. What the actual $&@#! are you talking about? :eek:
Help me make a choice. Which one makes more sense?
A. Range style 1.pngDiamond shape
B.Range style 2.png Square shape
I created a skill that can only be used if there are enemies within the player's range. When the player's range is 2, which one do you think is more appropriate to describe the range area?
Just once I would like to see some innocent person stumble upon a body in a crime show and instead of scream they sigh and just say, "Found another one."
Can we get like a RPGM VXA Pro edition with all the limits gone!!
I drew @TheoAllen 's Cecilia~


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