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  1. Hongdangmu

    RMMV [Completed] House of Rules (mystery/horror/puzzle)

    I just tried your demo... and I think there are some little mistakes to be fixed. There were some map parts with nothing placed though I can't walk through, but when I interact with them I see a description such as 'A plant'. Also when I tried to save my game and retry, the save file randomly...
  2. Hongdangmu

    RMMV [Completed] House of Rules (mystery/horror/puzzle)

    Demo? Really? Omg I'm sooooooo thrilled! I hope it's sooner than I expected ;-)
  3. Hongdangmu

    RMMV Ghost Rush

    Sloppy? not at all! It looks great! Since I'm also a big fan of Yume Nikki, I'm really excited about this game. Keep up the good work!
  4. Hongdangmu

    RMMV Chi (A Short Horror Game) !!FREE DEMO AVAILABLE!!

    I love your art work! what a adorable dog! Looking forward for the demo ;-)
  5. Hongdangmu

    RMMZ Lightestone: A 2D Farm Sim with Dragons!

    This is so cute! It's like StardewValley meets Damagochii!!!!
  6. Hongdangmu


    omg your art literally took my breath away!!! I'm gonna try it right now!!!
  7. Hongdangmu

    RMMV [Horror RPG] The Rebirth of Franklin Albrecht | FIRST VIDEO PREVIEW RELEASED

    wow! love your art and atmosphere! very unique! can't wait to play the demo ;)
  8. Hongdangmu

    RMMV Álom | DEMO V.01 - Four effects and two memories available!

    i just played your demo and loved it!
  9. Hongdangmu

    SCAReStaff October 2020

    wooooow!!! nice!!!!
  10. Hongdangmu

    RMMV [Completed] House of Rules (mystery/horror/puzzle)

    love your art! keep up the good work :)

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