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  1. different quest different clothes

    ok so, i have this 3 quest in 1 map, one of them are changing clothes. not all player doing the changing clothes quest first mean while the actor's face have different clothes whenever they do the other quest. all i want to do is when they do other quest before they do changing clothes quest...
  2. changing actor's note after event

    oh yeah dang-- i forgot that i use plugins XD i use Altmenuscreen2 and it comes with rpg maker mz when i downloaded it on steam
  3. changing actor's note after event

    i hope i can explain this in correct way so bassicly i made this event where the actor changed clothes after an event, the images change but the menu picture (i type this in the note <stand_picture: actor1_2>) is still had old image, can anyone tell me how to change it without switching the...
  4. full picture cutscene

    its hard to explain the first one actually- like this the image in pic folder are for actors only and actor didnt cover the fullscreen, while i want to make is a full screen picture, so its like looking at a picture of the battle scene i hope that explain it :')
  5. full picture cutscene

    does anyone know how to make this? i want to make this picture cut scene like u know a picture background but still have conversation going, do i need to use plugins for this one? since i tried to use set picture but nothing comes up oh and also making a note item, like if they have note in...
  6. can anyone help?

    i just tried it and it works! thx for the help!
  7. can anyone help?

    here's the screenshot at first its working but then it turn back to where i name it in generalhere's the event i used
  8. can anyone help?

    so basically im doing this player perspective game where they can use their name, but i have abit struggles, when i transport players to another map, their name wont change too the one they type, did i do something wrong? or did i use wrong command? its \n[1] (for first actor) right?
  9. a little help here?

    i've been learning rpg maker mz for couple days now and i start to understand it abit but im struggling here so im using the main menu core by vissustella and i read awhole help note but cant figure how to make the actor image to be full inside the box, can anyone explain how to fix this? am i...

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