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  1. Alphablast001

    Starting Development: What to Focus on First

    Personally, I usually begin with the database. I decide on what I'm going to use as items, weapons, armors, skills, etc. I'll even do a few animations from time to time. I find the database to be the most tedious place in RPG Maker, so I like to get that done first. It also lets you understand...
  2. Alphablast001

    Bi-Weekly Battler, Gluttony!

    To be honest, all the choices sound really good. Too bad I chose the one with the least votes. :/ Ah well, but these battlers have been amazing!
  3. Alphablast001

    Let's Review Games! Community Event Here's my review for Friend. I hope I'm doing these right and I don't sound like a jerk when I write them. Hard to tell emotion through text.
  4. Alphablast001

    Friend (A short game) v 2.0 - New Version

    WARNING: There are SPOILERS in my review. I highly recommend playing the game first beforehand. Hello, As part of this forum's "Let's Review Games!" event I have reviewed this game. For some strange reason, I cannot paste any text into this boxes, so I have attached the review for your...
  5. Alphablast001

    Let's Review Games! Community Event Here's my review of Crescentia: Harmony of the Moon. I think this game has a lot of potential and should get more attention than it's been getting.
  6. Alphablast001

    Crescentia Harmony of the Moon

    Hello, For some strange reason I can't seem to paste my review in the text box, so I have put it up as an attachment for your convenience. I hope it will help you in your future game development endeavors. Have a good day! From, Alpha Crescentia Review.txt
  7. Alphablast001


    I'm happy to have helped! ^_^
  8. Alphablast001

    Let's Review Games! Community Event Here's my Labyronia review.
  9. Alphablast001


    Hello, For some strange reason, I cannot paste my text into this box as a reply, so I have attached my review for this game for your convenience as part of this forum's "Let's Review Games!" I hope I have provided some good criticism that'll help you in the future. From, Alpha Labyronia...
  10. Alphablast001

    Farm Mapping Contest!

    Official Entry: I hope you enjoy! Good luck to the others as well!

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