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  1. Squirrelzone

    Welp what is going on now? (Upp farming plugin

    Ok so if you guys remember that really long thread that was about farming systems? I downloaded the plugin, and this is what pops up when i try to plant a crop.....  help pls
  2. Squirrelzone

    question about random troop encounters

    I guess... can you clarify??? are you saying that you want there to be random enemies on the map that aren't encounters, just events that trigger, and are randomly placed? if so, maybe you could set a variable to randomly change every single time you exit/enter, and the event's coordinates to be...
  3. Squirrelzone

    Only One Status Affliction At A Time

    what he means is that a character can only have one status affect. Read the second sentence and ignore the first one.
  4. Squirrelzone

    Only One Status Affliction At A Time

    I can only guess that what you have to do is make everything that afflicts a status "cure all status" first, so there is no status, and then they get poisoned.
  5. Squirrelzone

    Generator bugged?

    Open a new file and try to see.... DId you change the filenames?
  6. Squirrelzone

    Minimalist Farming Plugin Problem: started from "a farming system event HELP"

    It happened when I loaded a saved game. Does this mean I delete the saved game since I added the plugin? EDIT: The game works fine now. I have yet to test the plugin though
  7. Squirrelzone

    Minimalist Farming Plugin Problem: started from "a farming system event HELP"

    This is what happens whenever I load a copy of my game. The problem is with the upp_core plugin/ upp farming plugin.  Here is link to downloads: Here is link the dropbox in which my project is...
  8. Squirrelzone

    A farming system event HELP

    oooohhhhhhhhhhhh okay  does this work btw i haven't tested it yet so yah
  9. Squirrelzone

    Occasional prob with hp and mp bar

    For some reason, occasionally, not always, when I open skill tab, the game like doubles up the bar and has like this: hp mp tp|mp tp i can't put image cuz I'm not on laptop right now
  10. Squirrelzone

    Noob question - How would you do this?

    ....... Idk about the above but maybe u could fade out then have show image of the player?
  11. Squirrelzone

    Consumable Ammo with use of Firing Weapon

    ..... Couldn't you just make the item and have it eat the Item? I'm pretty sure there's a plugin for this somewhere that is about skills costing items
  12. Squirrelzone

    I updated a project and can no longer playtest?

    .... Correct me if I'm wrong but can't u hit f8 to bring up error log?
  13. Squirrelzone

    failed to obtain owned workshop items data

    ... Maybe it's cuz u accidentally did something to the steam file?
  14. Squirrelzone

    Base Stat Limits

    ... Maybe have variable check stat and if stat exceed limit on a certain actor, set stat to the cap?
  15. Squirrelzone

    A farming system event HELP

    I'm not on laptop so I can't see this right now but do I have to set a common event to parallel or will it just run right? Sorry I'm not on laptop
  16. Squirrelzone

    A farming system event HELP

    woah so many people on this thread. Guys i don't want to use a self switch/variable. However, I feel that nakina's answer is easier... but does it really work? also i like the absurd amount of waits dont judge me lel  edit: also sorry guys im not gonna watch driftwood's video yet. I still...
  17. Squirrelzone

    move to and away from player character

    im more newbie than you, but name each event something unique, make them move at the same time by unclicking Wait for Completion, make sure you stack the movements one by one , and to end the go towards player, prob just add another command like jump i guess.... hope this helps lol
  18. Squirrelzone

    How many variables is too much?

  19. Squirrelzone

    A farming system event HELP

    ok so i set up a farming event where below u can see, but the question is, if i leave that map, will the parallel event keep going and notify you, or will the timer only go as you are in the map? Btw the event is same for each berry, but the self switch is different. also i tested it by...
  20. Squirrelzone

    Gun Animations in SV

    just set gun in System tab of database and then change image to projectile.

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