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  1. RMMV Yanfly's remove state commands gets rid of all my stacks with a stackable state script.

    Is there anyway I can get it to remove one stack at a time. Im using yanfly's buff and state core with synrec's state stacker.
  2. RMMV How do I remove faces at the bottom of battle with Yanfly's BattleStatusWindow script?

    I'm using CTB so I want to keep the images at the top but I would like to get rid of the portraits at the bottom.
  3. Is there a way to have multiple, individual instances of the same state?

    For the purpose of my game I need to have scenarios where there's seperate instances of the same state. So a unit is applied with state A and then when its applied again they would have state A and another state A beside it on their status bar.
  4. RMMV An ATB system that ticks slower when choosing a move

    Hello, I need help in finding a plugin that allows the ATB timer to keep ticking but at a slower pace when choosing a move. It seems that if I go with it ticking at full speed it then becomes too intense but if I don't have it tick at all it becomes too boring. So a middle ground would be perfect.

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