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  1. How can I add an event when a moveable crate is pushed onto a certain spot?

    I actually noticed that issue before I noticed your response so thanks for that advice. It ended up working quite well for me.
  2. How can I add an event when a moveable crate is pushed onto a certain spot?

    I actually got your strategy working before I noticed ShadowDragon's response. While I had a few hiccups along the way, I managed to get it working. So cheers! I appreciate the help. Everything works as it should now.
  3. How can I add an event when a moveable crate is pushed onto a certain spot?

    What I want to do is add an event where the player can push a crate onto a spot underneath a ladder leading up. I already know how to make it possible to move the crate. That's not an issue. But I want the player to also be able to climb onto the crate only when it's under the ladder and use it...
  4. Does anyone have any 'downed' animal sprites? (SOLVED)

    They look great, thank you so much!
  5. Does anyone have any 'downed' animal sprites? (SOLVED)

    Oh, yeah. I only just noticed that. How about the white sheep with the long horns?
  6. Does anyone have any 'downed' animal sprites? (SOLVED)

    I think the third bloodied sheep from the left is a step in the right direction, but would it be possible to edit it a bit so there is only one gash and is quite bloodied?
  7. Does anyone have any 'downed' animal sprites? (SOLVED)

    Hi. Sorry this is quite a late reply. If you're still up for it, then I would be very interested. Animations aren't hugely important for me, just so long as they move like other overworld animal sprites in MV that's all that matters. I'm looking for a live sheep and one that is dead without a...
  8. Does anyone have any 'downed' animal sprites? (SOLVED)

    These actually look really nice! I was honestly looking for one as well with a bit of blood, so this is amazing. Hopefully they work on MV. Thank you!
  9. Does anyone have any 'downed' animal sprites? (SOLVED)

    By this I mean dead animals basically. I noticed I already have sprite sheets for dead versions of the default cat and dog, but that's about it. No variety whatsoever. I'm mainly looking for a sprite for a dead boar, but any dead animal sprites you can find would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. RMMV Doge Saga: A Space Oddity

    This game is hilarious! It gave me a lot of laughs. Overall it's very entertaining. But when I passed the astral quest and started fighting enemies, error screens kept popping up saying that 'cure4.png' or 'attack5.png' etc wouldn't load. I think this is a problem that arises when you choose to...
  11. Field combat system

    Thanks for the advice! I'm really bad with confusing things, but maybe I can pull this off somehow. Probably by using the plugins and figuring them out somehow.
  12. Field combat system

    I'm looking into improving my game by adding things in it to make it stand out from other RPG Maker games. I'm fairly confident about this because I'm at least able to create unique graphics and whatnot by myself. But one thing that bothers me about RPG Maker MV is the battle system is so damn...
  13. Change face image mid game

    Wow, that makes it really simple. Thank you for the help!!
  14. Change face image mid game

    There is this scene in my game where one of the main actors gets turned into a monster, and then he's forced to fight the villain along with the rest of the party. My battle engine is altered in a way that makes the face portraits visible (thanks to one of yanfly's plugins) and I really wanna...
  15. Is it possible to only buy an item once from a shop?

    That's actually a really good idea! Maybe the person who was originally selling the books can point you in the direction of a book shelf, and then you can interact with a book (maybe use a sparkle or something to show it off) then the shopkeeper will ask you to pay some G for it. Thanks!
  16. Is it possible to only buy an item once from a shop?

    I think I'll figure out a way of doing it with conditional branches then, since there doesn't seem to be a plugin that does that. Thanks anyway.
  17. Is it possible to only buy an item once from a shop?

    I had a look around online, and there doesn't seem to be any plugins that have this feature... ...I think I'll figure it out myself with conditional branches instead. Thanks anyway for the help!
  18. Is it possible to only buy an item once from a shop?

    Let me explain. In my game, you are able to synthesize items. To do so, you need to buy recipe books. But it seems a bit silly to be able to buy the same exact recipe book twice when you don't need to. So is it possible to make it so you can buy a certain recipe book only once, before the...
  19. Maps mysteriously disappearing...

    I changed what version of the program I was using through the BETA category on steam to 5.1, so maybe that's the issue. Maybe changing the version to 4.1 will help. If not, I suppose I'll just take a break from RPG Maker until a new update comes out. Thanks for the comment.
  20. Maps mysteriously disappearing...

    I just downgraded it. For now it seems to have fixed the problem. Hopefully it doesn't persist. Thanks for the advice!

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