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  1. Aandel

    [HELP] Mog_Boss_HP

    MOG BOSS HP The MOG plugin shows the Boss HP bar. I use a Game Over plugin that shows a scene before. I cannot disable, hide or move the Boss Bar when Game Over occurs. In one of the lines of the plugin there are plugin commands and via script, but none of them work. Can you help me? This is...
  2. Aandel

    RMMV Damage Pop-Up in Map [Mog vs. Triacontane] HELP

    Hi!:rswt I use Mog Plugins and my battle system is ABS. The MOG_DmgPopupEffects is used to show the Damage on Characters when hit by an Enemy, but it doesn't show the Damage popup when it's in an Event where the Character loses or gains HP or Damaged Floor. Tried to use Triacontane's Character...
  3. Aandel

    Caethyril's Plugins

    Hi! Thanks for this support! I use several MOG plugins, Damage PopUp Effects shows the damage PopUp on the Character when it is against Enemies but does not show the popUp when it is a Land Damage for example, or from an event that reduces or increases the player's life points. Character. Could...
  4. Aandel

    RMMV Teocrantico - Oasis

    "The universe is governed by laws and the human being along with society itself, are not free from these laws." •RPG Maker MV• The 1st Theocratic Age began when the skies became dark, the earth a cold place and the great oceans toxic. The Oasis became the last...
  5. Aandel

    RMMV [HELP]Mog_ ChronoEngine error in "W" Window (Skill Menu)

    Hey guys! Thank you so much for helping. I have this problem in the Mog_ChronoEngine plugin for some time. Pressing the "Q" and "W" buttons opens a window that chooses the Item or Skill that equips the Character. But when I press "W", the cost of the skills appears all messed up. When checking...
  6. Aandel

    RMMV [HELP] Is it possible to change the background of this window?

    :XP1: this one is happy Perfect! It worked beautifully!!! It was exactly what I needed! Thanks! Thank you so
  7. Aandel

    RMMV [HELP] Is it possible to change the background of this window?

    Hi! I use the plugin "Mog_ChronoEngine". He has the option to press the "Q" and "W" button, which allows him to open a window that chooses Items or Weapons to equip on the character. But he uses windoskin as a Background. Is it possible to change the use of windoskin to a picture? Here's the...
  8. Aandel

    Horizontal Choice List

    Hi! I liked the plugin but, can you add a plugin or script call so that it works only when you need it? It's just that I don't intend to stop using vertical choices!
  9. Aandel

    Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    :aswt2::rolleyes: Sorry to bring more! When I place a node on line 1 and depth 1 and a node on line 2 and depth 3, for example, creating nodes diagonally, the keys are unable to go to Node 2, forcing you to use the mouse to access this Node.
  10. Aandel

    Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    Hello Felski! I want to leave all the static skills, I don't want the skills to change positions on the screen. I reduced the size of the nodes and tried to put 5 lines. But the first line never obeys the position in the uid, it is always moving up one line. Put the first Skill to appear on the...
  11. Aandel

    Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    yes, it worked! Sorry for my inattention:aswt:
  12. Aandel

    What is WebGL and how do I tell what version of RPG Maker I am using?

    And is there any way to change the version of the project without causing major damage or is it better not to even dont touch?
  13. Aandel

    Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    Hi! The plugin is very good, but I use codes like: \i[x] in the description boxes for skills to illustrate information with icons! These icons do not appear in the skill tree.
  14. Aandel

    Pixi Filter Controller - fancy screen effects by pixi (MZ version released!)

    Could you put the Noise effect code please? I am unable to understand how to do it. Thanks
  15. Aandel

    Chrono Engine ABS tutorial

    Hello I use Mog's Crhono Engine, by pressing the Skills "W" button some of the MP costs are exchanged (?) !!! Does anyone know how to fix it?
  16. Aandel

    RMMV Move Image X / Y independent of the character

    Forgive me! I ended up not paying attention to the details of the post. I use Maker MV! Isometric Plugin? I never imagined that there was ... :rtear: ... Basically what I want is for a "train" to pass through the screen from time to time, but as the map is isometric, for events and using...
  17. Aandel

    RMMV Move Image X / Y independent of the character

    I wanted an image to move in the X / Y direction, regardless of the character. Can I do this with any event? Yes! I can. The problem is that my map is isometric, so the movement is strange when using "Automatic Movement" I can make the image move left and right, using variables that calculate...
  18. Aandel

    [HELP] User Defined Balloons

    thanks Shaz and vlw! I will then post comments to identify each one !!!
  19. Aandel

    [HELP] User Defined Balloons

    Hello people!:rswt I modified the Balloons in RPGMV and add five more that the system allows. But I was wondering if you can change the names specified in these last five "user defined"?

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