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  1. Accuracy Formula

    Where will I do that? what file, what area? what plugin
  2. Accuracy Formula

    How would I make the Accuracy formula tied to the luck stat which is called Intelligence in my game
  3. Persona 5 Combat controls

    In persona 5, the control scheme is truly a masterpiece, the default on PC is space for basic attack, W for gun, E for Persona (Magic), C for guard R for item, If I wanted to implement a similar control scheme with a hot switch that allows for this to occur with scripts how would I do it?
  4. Hi I tried to download the fossil plugin but I got a 404 message from github

    Hi I tried to download the fossil plugin but I got a 404 message from github

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All the artists on here always share their art, and I wanted to partake in the sharing. I wanted to show off the album art for my game's soundtrack while also showing off this song. I wanted to take a break from all the pianos/strings/jazz. I experimented with some side-chaining techniques to modulate the dub-step like synth.
Crazy idea to help people be more productive. We all upload a photo of someone who is good at nagging, cajoling, guilting, etc. you into doing what you should be doing. Then, after you have posted X amount of times in a defined period, that photo pops up with the text of "Shouldn't you be working on your game?" Just for fun.:wink:
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