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  1. Ceuwbra

    Graphics Ahoy!

    Wasn't exactly expecting a futuristic font, but I quiet like it and I'll go with it. Thanks man! Really appreciate it, credits will be given :) .
  2. Ceuwbra

    MV Parallax Mapping for Beginners (3 Part Video Series)

    I just noticed I was doing way too much work then needed while parallax mapping T.T. Thanks a lot for the tutorial! It really helped a lot! :D
  3. Ceuwbra

    [RMMV] Dog battler sprite

  4. Ceuwbra

    Shirois Stuff

    it IS perfect! Thank you; I was waiting for this :D Only the battler remains now hehe
  5. Ceuwbra

    [RMMV] Dog battler sprite

  6. Ceuwbra

    Graphics Ahoy!

    Username: Ceuwbra Game Name: Praise,  Chapter I - The Rebellion Army Theme/genre of the game: Fantasy/Adventure Colour Scheme: Goldish / something with light? Link to game thread (if there is one): - Title or Gameover: Title, Logo Commercial or non-commercial: The first chapter will be...
  7. Ceuwbra

    [RMMV] Dog battler sprite

    Hi guys! I'm looking for a battler sprite for the dog from Rpg maker MV (Nature_01). Thanks in advance! And for the lazy people, I would like a battlersprite for this charset and for this faceset:           For those who don't exactly know what I mean with a "battler sprite", here are a few...
  8. Ceuwbra

    Shirois Stuff

    I really like this faceset and I think I'm gonna use it for my game. Is there a corresponding characterset + battler for the female by any chance? (I know it says "Shirois MV facesets", but if you have a characterset and battler for the female01 I would like to know^^)  And are you planning to...
  9. Ceuwbra

    Using assets from VX Ace in MV

    Hi, I can't speak for everyone, but I can give you my experience. (I've worked both in RMVX, RMVXace and now in RMMV): I don't think it's worth buying RMVX Ace just for the sprites. I am not really convinced about the conversion of RMVX Ace tiles, but soon enough some skill spriters around the...
  10. Ceuwbra

    TheHarmp's Resource Laboratory.

    Those are awesome man! I'm really excited about using the extra cracks and the mossy things. 
  11. Ceuwbra

    Thalzon's MV Battlers

    Wow! Those sprites are really nice looking! one question: How many sprites are u planning to make? As in are you going to cover only the basic enemies or are you going to sprite bosses and more area specific enemies for snowy areas / deserts etc. as well later on?

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