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  1. Passive Lurker - Taking interest

    For the record, won't throw a precise link JNC, but the title of the free game, is called "a witch's stomach", and it's some kink/fetish game that's got a full playable loop in it's own right.
  2. Passive Lurker - Taking interest

    Partially made an account here to download some assets here, and to throw commentary and suggestions where they may fall in eye. To be brief. I'm an aspiring game developer, whose trying to be flexible in what game engine I may end up using. And as of late, some niche game's gotten my interest...
  3. Avy's MV Stuff

    Heya Avery. Have to throw credits/love on all the effort you've made so far on all those MV assets. Especially on the Flesh Cave tileset, that's honestly making the MV's tileset in line with XP's own RTP, in potential dungeon design/etc. :smile: Though when I had a look at all that white space...

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All the artists on here always share their art, and I wanted to partake in the sharing. I wanted to show off the album art for my game's soundtrack while also showing off this song. I wanted to take a break from all the pianos/strings/jazz. I experimented with some side-chaining techniques to modulate the dub-step like synth.
Crazy idea to help people be more productive. We all upload a photo of someone who is good at nagging, cajoling, guilting, etc. you into doing what you should be doing. Then, after you have posted X amount of times in a defined period, that photo pops up with the text of "Shouldn't you be working on your game?" Just for fun.:wink:
Avery wrote on MouseWorks's profile.
That is a really cute avatar concept that you have there! I like it :3
Well, here's a screenshot of just another game that might never be completed...

Fake FullScreen (Download):

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