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  1. RCXGaming

    RMMV Display Picture in Description?

    Yanfly Ace Message system had a functionality that lets you put in pictures in the middle of text boxes. In my case, I used this function as a way to put images like this "physical damage" picture into skill descriptions and other such messages as a way to give the player more information...
  2. RCXGaming

    RMMV Battler flash when hit with weakness for MV? [SOLVED]

    This is another one I've looked around for a while yet found no good answer for. When I tried to google if someone had possibly made this plugin beforehand, the results led back to MY OWN THREAD. The basic idea is that I think RPG Maker has no sauce (translation: does not feel good) without...
  3. RCXGaming

    RMMV Victor Engine MV is fundamentally broken ("action.item is not a function") [SOLVED]

    So I'm not going to mince words with you all, but I'm stumped. I've been using Victor's MV scripts to see how they work, but every time I try to use them for anything I've gotten some peculiar crashes. Details: This error comes up when any form of damage is done to either actor or enemy...
  4. RCXGaming

    RMMV Custom Death Animation plugin for MV?

    I've started to look around for MV equivalents of VX Ace scripts, yet this one seems to elude me. For reference's sake, the script I'm referring to is Victor's Custom Collapse - in VX Ace, this could allow you to completely control the sequence in how an enemy dies, complete with visual...
  5. RCXGaming

    In Battle Status Reader?

    So uh! This is a bit of an odd request, but I'm curious if there's a VX Ace equivalent to this one Yanfly MV plugin: To be precise, a Party Command function (aka. where Fight and Run are) that allows you to see the states/buffs/debuffs that are currently inflicted on both the enemies and your...
  6. RCXGaming

    Target Indicator for Enemy Attacks

    Hmmmmm. So I was wondering two things: * Is there a script that lets you see who enemies will target before they use their attacks in combat? (Like the enemy flashes and a targeting reticle that pops up on the actor?) * Or at the very least, the function to change their graphics depending on...
  7. RCXGaming

    A way to break the 640x480 resolution limit?

    I'm aware of the RGD engine mod and have tried to use it, but it caused a lot of game crashing incompatibilities with the scripts I use for my games. As well as these issues: * Broke color codes for text * More than halved framerate I was wondering if there was another engine replacement that...
  8. RCXGaming

    Modifying Moghunter's Battle HUD

    For the past day or two, I've been hard at work customizing the Moghunter Battle HUD to make it look the way I want. So far I've mostly succeeded. But there's a few things I want to bypass/modify that seem to be outside of my power. The first of which, as much as I like the ability to put...
  9. RCXGaming

    Roninator's Title Options Fix

    Hey @Roninator2 , your title screen options script has a big oversight in it. # ╔═════════════════════════════════════╦════════════════════╗ # ║ Title: Title Options ║ Version: 1.00 ║ # ║ Author: Roninator2 ║ ║ #...
  10. RCXGaming

    Hotkey Cancel Fix Please

    So there was something I was trying to do by meshing together Sixth's Config Setup, Himeworks's Command Manager and Yanfly Battle Engine: hotkeying items by pressing a number on the keyboard. It does work - using a hotkeyed item works, even with selection. Where it stops working is when you...
  11. RCXGaming

    Hotkey'ing Yanfly's Command Equip to a Button

    This is similar to another thread I made a few hours back for the base RPG Maker battle item/skill window, but I'm trying to tie Yanfly's Command Equip (aka. equipping during battle) to a hotkey using @Sixth 's Control Config script. I tried doing this myself, but I don't seem to understand how...
  12. RCXGaming

    Script Call for the Battle Item/Skill Window?

    Is there a specific script call for the battle version of the item/skill window? Not or, that's not what I want. I'm talking about the little item window that shows up during combat. I ask because I plan to tie it to Sixth's hotkey...
  13. RCXGaming

    Jet & Venima's Pathfinding Blocked Path Problem

    Jet and Venima's script is an incredibly powerful pathfinding script with one fatal weakness - if something gets in the way of the goal, aka. an event walking into the middle of the only one tile-long hallway in the room, the path-finding event will cease to move until the obstacle gets out of...
  14. RCXGaming

    [SOLVED] How to Draw a Variable on Screen?

    I was wondering if it was possible to draw a variable like this on the screen. I ask because I plan to have a system where each dungeon you visit has their own set of keys, so the variable gets replaced by that dungeon's specific key count each time you visit those dungeons. I'm just asking if...
  15. RCXGaming

    [SOLVED] Falcao Pearl ABS HUD Key Addon?

    This one is a bit more complicated than what I've asked for before. Here's a mock-up, so we know what we're dealing with: I'm effectively asking for a function that creates these hud piece (key image + number of normal keys in your inventory), and allows you to summon them with a script...
  16. RCXGaming

    [SOLVED] Coelocanth's Crafting + Himeworks Item Stack

    So I found a pretty serious oversight between these two scripts. I want Coelocanth's crafting script to stop you when you are about to craft an item that you are already maxed out the stack on. Ex. You have the maximum amount of Blue Salves (10) and you try to create another blue salve, but the...
  17. RCXGaming

    [SOLVED] Addon for Theoallen's Always Accurate Attacks?

    # Theoallen's individual attack accuracy class Game_Battler alias tsbs_eva item_eva def item_eva(user, item) return 0 if item.note[/<always hit>/i] tsbs_eva(user, item) end alias tsbs_hit item_hit def item_hit(user, item) return 1 if item.note[/<always hit>/i]...
  18. RCXGaming

    [Solved] Way to check if entire party is at full HP/MP, etc.

    I've been curious about how you pull off a check to see if everyone in the party (active or reserve, it doesn't matter) has full HP or MP.
  19. RCXGaming

    Formula for attack that gets stronger for each dead party member?

    As the title says, I'm curious what a formula like this would look like. The idea is that for each dead party member in battle_party (aka, nobody in reserve), this attack gets more powerful the more dead allies you have.
  20. RCXGaming

    Map Name Storage? [SOLVED]

    Is it possible to store the name (not ID) of the map you're on in a variable or something? Context: I've implemented a system where you can record the current location you're on and warp back to it later, but I've realized that eventually you'll forget where said location was if it doesn't tell...

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