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  1. Yanfly STB & Yanfly Instant Cast - Multiple actions per turn

    I see what you mean now, but it didn't work with Yanfly STB. I tried this: in the battler event I put a force action attack random target inside a loop, but the enemy still only does that one attack and then ends the turn. Using default battle system it worked, the enemy attack looped...
  2. Yanfly STB & Yanfly Instant Cast - Multiple actions per turn

    Hey! Thanks for the suggestion! However I don't think that's a very viable solution, it seems very static if I have to do that in the battler event. Considering I'm also using Yanfly's AI core to make the battles more reactive and lively.
  3. Yanfly STB & Yanfly Instant Cast - Multiple actions per turn

    Hey! I'm using Yanfly's instant cast with STB battle system in order to attempt let battlers have multiple actions per turn, but it doesn't seem to work for enemies. It works for players party, for example if the normal Attack skill has <Instant> tag in the notes the player is able to attack...
  4. Battle popup modification - Name of the skill or state

    Doesn't seem like this is going anywhere, but I'm going to try bumping one more time.
  5. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Alright, well I can make a demo if this is deemed as a bug. To me it seems like a bug as the <Instant> tag still works when the players party uses the skill (able to use it multiple times without ending turn), but for the enemy it ends the turn.
  6. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Hello! Does anyone know if it's a bug or intended behaviour that enemies only attack once per turn in STB battle system even if the skill has <Instant> tag on it?
  7. Battle popup modification - Name of the skill or state

    I believe I can bump now. Even a plugin where you can use a script call to draw a battle popup would be enough. Victor Engine popup has this, but it can only display one custom popup at a time. I would need multiple.
  8. Battle popup modification - Name of the skill or state

    Hey! I'm wondering if there's an easy way to make a small snippet or modify an existing popup plugin that shows the name of the skill or state that caused the damage? I'm using Yanfly plugins. Examples: Player attacks with "Double Strike" skill, it shows the name of the skill above or next to...
  9. Orange Region Names

    Hey @Hudell ! Sorry to bump this old thread. But I was just wondering if the above suggestion could be added to the plugin? For example if you could make a list in the map notes where you specify which region id has which name? So they're all map specific and not global. Like for example...
  10. QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    To fix the errors I had after the updating Quasi Movement plugin I had to delete the plugin and reinstall it. Then I opened the plugin in plugin manager and opened the "Default Player Collider" and "Default Event Collider" settings and swapped once between the "Text" and "Structure" tabs in both.
  11. Show Parameters

    Hey, noticed that the parameter compare is still showing too many decimals for ex-parameters when equipping a new item. Attached a screenshot to show the problem. edit: I also found out that even the new parameter value of the item displays too many decimals in some cases. Uploaded a second...
  12. Quasi Params Plus

    Hey, Is there a way to add a custom maximum value to a certain custom parameter? For example if I want to have a "stamina" parameter that has a different limit to other parameters. Like other parameters would have 999 but stamina parameter would have 99.
  13. QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Great, thank you! Works perfectly. As a sidenote, it sadly wasn't enough to make it work with Yanfly footstep sounds ( Maybe as a future addon to the movement script you could make your own footstep sounds plugin? For now I'll...
  14. QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Awesome, so you think it might be possible? I took a look at the function that counts the steps and it seems it doesn't count at all how far the player moves, only if the move was succesful (not blocked by anything). I believe if you are able to figure out a way to make steps count only when...
  15. QPlugins - Latest: QABS

    Hey! Is it possible to increase the amount of movement required for it to count as a "step" ($gameParty.steps())? Now if I have 1 pixel per movement, each pixel moved counts a step and I would like it to still be the normal 48 pixels (one tile) that counts as a step
  16. Show Parameters

    Hey, I found a bug with the percentage parameter displays. They don't get rounded properly, like shown in the screenshot. I'm not using any scripts to add parameters, just the normal equipment traits. I tried adding Math.round() all over the code but couldn't figure out where to put it...
  17. Chains and shackles for MV

    Hey! This seems like a resource that already exists somewhere, but I just can't find it anywhere. I'm basically just looking for chains and shackles on the ground or attached to a wall for my prison dungeon.
  18. Armor type check

    Hey! I know there's a way to check weapon type, but is there a way to check armor type? I want to make a script that checks if an actor has same type of armor equipped in every slot (heavy, medium or light armor). This gives an error but is it something like this?:   if...
  19. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    No, I honestly didn't know. :) Thank you, I'll ask there.

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