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  1. RMMV Scrolling text plugin

    I think the idea of converting the battle log and displaying it according to your example should not be a problem. But to be honest, I don't even know what could have such functionality, since I never set myself such a goal. I've encountered for myself the issue of changing field lengths and...
  2. Tutorial-Blog Animations with More Frames

    Great guide, thank you for your work, very convenient and easy to do.

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Came back cuz of the sale. Got MZ. The System 2 advanced settings for UI are so frustrating, and I see we still hate pixel fonts. Marvelous.
Did another YouTube short. This one has like 1k views (or maybe 380? Analytics is being weird). Getting them zoomer views, yo!
Done edit sprite Raven witch char for main party.

Dirty waterfall in satelite city bekasi.
credit: Hiddeone for knight, LadyBaskerville XP to MV, whtdragon for reindeer, witch nude body by RayaneFLX
I'm really sorry I haven't done any streams. I actually just got home from the hospital after a week and a half.
I'm not dead - I promise :stickytongue:

Anyway, some pokemon inspired art (dont ask me which one tho xD)

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