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  1. DanielTsc

    New Releases: Pixelated Animations Pack Vol.2, Sprite Height Modifier

    Does the Sprite Height Modifier also change the battlers sprites?
  2. DanielTsc

    Bust generator

    Hi, would you mind posting a screenshot of the sideview battlers it generates? And how do they behave with the weapons when they attack? Unfortunately I couldn't find a video from Visustella about this feature.
  3. DanielTsc

    Things in RPGs that annoy you.

    I don't like a lot of stuff from classic old JRPGs. But I guess they are mostly a matter of my taste, so I won't bother you with this. But regarding the encounters thing, I really love the simple and honest approach from Shadows of Adam. Instead of having random battles or enemies on the map...
  4. DanielTsc

    RMMZ Amara (playable demo)

    AMARA Hello, everyone. This is my first game ever. I would love some honest feedbacks. They would be very important for the continuity of this project. Thank you. Ah, very important: the demo is about only 20 minutes, for those in doubt if it would take too much of your time. SECTION A...
  5. DanielTsc

    Dramatically Improve Game Performance for Devs and Players! (MV and MZ) (second big discovery, GPU related)

    You are absolutely right. I shouldn't have directed my complaint towards RPG Maker, as it is not an issue from it. But, anyway, the newest versions of Visustella are fine now. They have improved a lot their perfomance and the game is running smoothly even with weak GPUs. But it does feel sad...
  6. DanielTsc

    Dramatically Improve Game Performance for Devs and Players! (MV and MZ) (second big discovery, GPU related)

    I thought I was the only one having this issue on RPG Maker MZ with integrated GPU on my laptop. If I run my game using only vanilla RPG Maker MZ, my game runs fine on 60 FPS. But if I use Visustella's Battle Core Plugin, the battles drop down to 40 FPS, even if I disable most of it's...
  7. DanielTsc

    RPG Maker MZ 1.3.3 Update

    Yes, I uninstalled and reinstalled it. Mine is the Steam version. I did it all through steam. I've uninstalled and reinstalled from steam, but the issue persists. How do I do this full fresh reinstall? These are my computers specs: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.60 GHz 8 Gb...
  8. DanielTsc

    RPG Maker MZ 1.3.3 Update

    After today's update, the editor map is not working anymore. The grid is not corresponding to mouse position and the square selector is not being aligned. I've have even created a new project from scratch, but the issue persists. I'm unable to use RPG Maker MZ. Please help!
  9. DanielTsc

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Using this plugin alongside visustella seems to have optimized it. The FPS is back again on 60. Thanks man!
  10. DanielTsc

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    I've sent a bug report, but they said they couldn't reproduce the FPS drop problem, even with my instructions. I'm assuming they don't have a weaker hardware to simulate the issue, since with good GPUs it doesn't happen. So, the conclusion is that we have to make a decision: make a simpler...
  11. DanielTsc

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Ok, I had sent an e-mail for them, but now I've filled the form above. Thanks.
  12. DanielTsc

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Well I've deployed the game and the problem still happens. The FPS does not drop only if I use my NVidia GPU. I don't think an RPG Maker Game should need that... Well, we can only hope that Visustella fixes this issue. After using animated SV Enemy battlers, it is impossible to go back to RPG...
  13. DanielTsc

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    So when the game is deployed, the FPS problem doesn't happen in battles? If that is the case, maybe it's slow because of some debugging feature enabled when testing (but I couldn't find what is it). Anyway, I've noticed that if I force RPG Maker to use my Nvidia GPU, instead of the Integrated...
  14. DanielTsc

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Hello. Regarding optimization, I've noticed that when using the BattleCore plugin, the game's FPS drops drastically, from 60 FPS to around 40 FPS when in battle. I am just testing the plugins, so I just created a new project, added the Core Engine and BattleCore Plugins, and just by doing that...
  15. DanielTsc

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    I'm reading the Terms of Use of all the items that come with VisuStella Sample Game Project. Especially about the icons, there is this statement: " You may only use these icons commercially if you have purchased the corresponding pack that they belong to, or if it already appears in a free...
  16. DanielTsc

    What are the reserved skills slots for?

    Now I get it. Thank you very much!
  17. DanielTsc

    Game Localization

    So, I've seen that on previous versions of RPG Maker, making a game with multiple languages support was only possible via plugins. Now on MZ what is the right and best way to provide localization for my game?
  18. DanielTsc

    What are the reserved skills slots for?

    So, in the game database, on the skills tab, the slots from 04 to 10 are reserved. Can anyone explain what are they for?

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