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  1. ZhiHuan

    Save notes

    Producer may add constant msg to save about progress, but i think enter words freely is more attractive Is there any plugins could take some notes for your savedata in rmmv, just like this ? im sad to find nothing.....
  2. ZhiHuan

    Music available for free

    May i ask you for the URL? Thank you !!
  3. ZhiHuan

    How to make conflicting equipment

    I got it!! Need to rewrite YEP_X_EquipRequirements line 560 to: if (!this.hasSkill(skillId)) return false; First create a new skill type "Equipped" and do not have to add it to any actor or class. Then add a skill "Bow is equipped" to the skill type and all "bow" weapon (you can add seal skill...
  4. ZhiHuan

    How to make conflicting equipment

    But how to hide Arrow or Shield when it is sealed?
  5. ZhiHuan

    How to make conflicting equipment

    For example, actor A can equip C or D, but he can not equip C and D at one time? or, First, actor A can equip one of sword(weapon), shield(shield), bow(weapon) but arrow(shield) independently. Then he can equip sword and shield at one time. Then he can equip arrow when bow is equipped. And he...
  6. ZhiHuan

    Some problem about WINDOWS DPI

    when the game run WINDOWS Setting ->Display -> Scaling and layout -> Change the size of text...... 150% my displayer is 14 inch only, so i want to solve this problem with this setting
  7. ZhiHuan

    Some problem about WINDOWS DPI

    I set my game window 1280*720, but it shows 1920*1080 when I testing it. i know it's a dpi problem and i set all '.exe' in 'RMMV' folder(and subfolder) with 'Instead of high DPI scaling behavior' ,but it does nothing........ Does anyone have the same problem like this ?

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