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  1. judgebeanhead

    Crescentia Harmony of the Moon

    This gamma was rendered unplyable very early on. After the introductionarial cutseen, I wandere into the frost and was attack by sum evile plants. They put me to sleep and I could not wack up. What is this?!
  2. judgebeanhead

    Bean Bop FREE Music Requests

    Sure, I will try making it faster and using flute and maybe a melody.
  3. judgebeanhead

    How do you feel about blank or empty interaction points?

    Items like these add to the environment of the game. Seeing little bits of information about the local area or getting little details the player can't see at first glance [or that aren't on the sprite at all] can make the world feel more alive. But its alright not to have them. You just have to...
  4. judgebeanhead

    Bean Bop FREE Music Requests

    Jiggy, here's what I've got for your song. If you like it, it's finished. I added some instruments that you didn't list. Lemme know if there's anything in particular I should add or remove.
  5. judgebeanhead

    Bean Bop FREE Music Requests

    sure, go ahead!
  6. judgebeanhead

    Bean Bop FREE Music Requests

    Alright I'll start on it.
  7. judgebeanhead

    Bean Bop FREE Music Requests

    Cool I'll be waiting.  BD
  8. judgebeanhead

    Bean Bop FREE Music Requests

    I make some EDM and soundtrack music, so I was wondering if anybody wanted some music for their games? Here's some examples of my music: Just leave a request with the following information: Mood/Tone What kind of scene is this song being made for, or what...
  9. judgebeanhead

    Subject [Mystery/Horror adventure]

    I managed to get to a few of the endings. This was a pretty good game. Certainly doesn't seem like only 2 days of work. I can't really give my opinion on the endings without spoiling anything, but I think the narrative was pretty good. I wanna play more of this game.

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