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  1. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    Changing Icon with Resource Hacker

    When I want to change the icon it doesn't change good (I don't know how to say it but it just changes wrongly) you can paste a tutorial?
  2. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    Movie formats?

    The resolution has to be same as the configured in the project default resolution: 816x624
  3. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]


    When I press F5 there is a sound ¿how I can disable it?
  4. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    Ocean's Scene Credits

    Hi, this is the third script that I share with you.   This script does a Credits scene with two images one image is the background and the other is for the credits.   You need: -a background image. - a credits image (as long as possible). -BGM.   The image...
  5. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    Undefinided method or local variable for 'screen'?

    It worked!!! no error windows now, thanks.
  6. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    Undefinided method or local variable for 'screen'?

    Now this is the problem now appears "undefinied method 'bitmap' for nil:NilClass" when I want to change the scene when the players use :C button And this is line 85
  7. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    Undefinided method or local variable for 'screen'?

    Thanks Sixth it worked! thanks for all. I will read the tutorials.
  8. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    Undefinided method or local variable for 'screen'?

    It worked but now appears this this is all picture's script #==============================================================================# # * Create Credits #...
  9. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    Undefinided method or local variable for 'screen'?

    Hi guys, when I want to show a picture in a scene's script this wild error appears: this is the script to show it: What am I doing wrong?
  10. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    Difficulty Selection

    I can check with a command what difficult was selected/is on?
  11. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    Help, Displaying Party's Gold In Text Box

    I don't know how to "write" it, but with \$ you can display a window with the amount of gold.
  12. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    Font Changer v 1.0

    Hi everyone, this is the second script I post here (it's very old), the function of this script basically is what says the title :unsure:   In the next version I will try to add the option of Bold, Underline, etc The video is old, the name's author is my old Steam name there.    ...
  13. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    External Achievements (Full Script)

    "Stores achievements externally so other api's may access the achievement data" So this works with steamworks?
  14. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    RPG Maker Game Launcher

    "2. Replace your projects 'Game.exe' file  with the 'Dekita.exe' file  NOTE: After this step, your game will not work if you try to playtest  it from within your project!!" So it's recommendable install the game launcher when the user finish the game?
  15. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    YSE - Patch System

    the patch actives alone?
  16. Rainy Pride Games [RPG]

    Heca's Simple Scene Creator

    Hi, this is my first script (explanation of why it is so simple) Description This is for do a scene more faster just editing it Script (2 parts) Demo Heca's Scene Creator.rar I will do more versions (for...

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