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  1. ArcaneEli

    Turn-based Tactical Battle System Movement & Attacks of Opportunity

    So square movement is ok, but if you move diagonally and you pass through/by an enemy they get a free attack/counter attack on you? Seems ok, but you need a very good reason to move diagonally then if you take a free hit.
  2. ArcaneEli

    Enemy Type Specialty

    I have something similar, but not all enemies have it. They are split into: Agile (+hit/eva), flying (+hit/eva/immune earth), Armored (+80%damage resistance), Trickstar (absorb and counters elements), boss (halves status rates and %hp damage) What I would initially do for your case is...
  3. ArcaneEli

    Damaging status conditions' secondary effect

    Bleeding: Naturally heals and damage gets lessened over time, but prevents healing until removed. lowers Agi, Hit and Eva Frostbite: lowers MP regen Fire Attacks remove frostbite, but deal 3x damage Burning: raises agility every turn adds another stack of burning Poison: adds another...
  4. ArcaneEli

    Choice Map?

    I agree with some others that I loved Detroit Become Human, but whatever I pick on my first playthrough will always be my "canon", so it'll be very hard / impossible for me to go back and play the game ever again. BUT, I love choice maps. It helps you and others see where things could've gone...
  5. ArcaneEli

    Games with good alchemy system?

    Probably not what your talking about but Octopath Travevler 2 apothecary job (alchemist) you mix together between 2-5 ingredients and use all the effects at once, but it tells you exactly what it's gonna be and what it'll do before you use it so there's no surprise. I find that really nice.
  6. ArcaneEli

    Stat Icon Ideas

    body armor, kevlar, boots (agility), gloves (hit/crit), just a buff body?, laser stuff depending on how modern it is. Or just use Shields because it's easier to see and read.
  7. ArcaneEli

    Rng system for power up items? Thoughts?

    I think both is better then pure RNG. Cause if every battle is scripted, are they balanced with the idea that you'll never get RNG powerups? Or get decent or good ones? It makes the game that much harder or super easy depending on how you do. If you can knowingly get equips, you can balance the...
  8. ArcaneEli

    Best Practices/Tips/Tricks for Naming Conventions & Organizing Variables, Switches, Database, Maps, Events, etc. Please Share!

    Along with organizing stuff in databases I usually separate categories like =-= Weapons =-= =-= Swords =-=, * Atlas *, whatever. So weapon database entries 1 is =-= Swords =-= and written in the notetag is anything special that I might forget or delete later, also is a base template for any...
  9. ArcaneEli

    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    yeah trees on outside, the playground without trees or very minimal on inside.
  10. ArcaneEli

    More control over Visustella Item/Skill display data

    Is it possible for an addition to be made like adding HP cost, MP cost to the display window?
  11. ArcaneEli

    cool and interesting mechanics you have that will improve your gameplay

    Similar to @KoldBlood traits, my monsters have several traits or Status' themselves that are always seen. Might call them Quirks idk yet. 1. Agile: +30%Hit and Eva, immune to wind. 2. Flying: +50% Hit and Eva, immune to Earth and Agi debuffs. 3. Armored: 80% Damage reduction against all sources...
  12. ArcaneEli

    Possible Types of Weapons?

    well Spears are kinda big, I assume if you use that as a base for a sniper it would like fine.
  13. ArcaneEli

    Limiting escape?

    IMO wasting a slot of equipment or whatever to flee sounds horrible. Usually when you wanna escape it's not a planned thing. You don't plan ahead you are gonna run from every fight especially if it's not guaranteed. Dodging enemies is different then chance running. Most times you wanna flee is...
  14. ArcaneEli

    How many available skills per class should I set my limit to?

    Advice you don't wanna hear: as much or as little as needed for your game. My actual advice between 10-13 including like ultimate skills or the like.
  15. ArcaneEli

    Opinions/examples on Stagger mechanics?

    IMO stagger mechanics are fine, but if you can't beat bosses or it takes way to long without it them it's worthless and I hate it. Key point FF7Remake stagger, if you don't stagger break you deal like 10% damage it feels like. Also that game had an annoying issue where if you build the stagger...
  16. ArcaneEli

    Separate skills or not.

    Reason I Split into skills and magic, is in general skills = physical dmg, magic = magical damage. Also because there's a decent amount of skills it keeps it organized better.
  17. ArcaneEli

    Why are Icons so hard to decide on?

    Finding diverse skill icons are the hardest thing to me lol. But also finding a style to match it all. Caz's icons are really good imo.
  18. ArcaneEli

    How do you write game stories?

    I start with general idea, then a few main characters / only the MC. Then next comes ending ending, whose the final boss and what happens after you beat them? Then we got what is the big secret, or giant plot device that the story revolves around? After those are done I just start from the...
  19. ArcaneEli

    Should i buy all rpg makers on the next steam sale to use their rtp? Or should i spend with DLCs?

    IMO don't buy anything until you are well into development, just buying it now to start off seems like a waste of money especially if you don't have an ok plan going forward. nothing wrong with RTP and replacing textures and stuff later.
  20. ArcaneEli

    Low vs High numbers

    Depends on the game, Disgaea has numbers in the billions and Dragon Quest has tiny numbers, not to mention Fire Emblem, so IMO it just depends on whatever you wanna do. With bigger numbers you have more room to play with, and the smaller ones takes more balancing to get right. IMO I prefer...

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