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  1. RMMV Error when saving an object created from a class

    Hmm, this makes sense, as I make an object, let's say Obj = {} and then make properties from a class, let's say Obj.npc1 = new NPC() , Obj.npc2 = new NPC() etc. So I'm guessing it can't find the constructor because npc1 and npc2 are properties of the Obj, therefore their constructor isn't...
  2. RMMV Error when saving an object created from a class

    So I can't get this. I've tried following the string back to the core, but I simply can't get what's wrong with it. So I create a class like this: function ClassName() { this.initialize.apply(this, arguments); } ClassName.prototype.initialize = function (name) { codeHere; } Then I...
  3. Global Stocks for specific items in shops

    Oh, I just didn't want to create a duplicate post really, as it would kinda look like spam? :s sorry
  4. Global Stocks for specific items in shops

    Hello everyone! I originally made this plugin for RMMV, but I updated it to work for RMMZ too just now. Here's the original thread:
  5. Global stocks for specific items

    Hello everyone! So I wanted to create global stocks for items so that I can add items to shops that the player can't buy infinitely. Unfortunately there is no simple way to do this in RMMV, so I decided to write a plugin for it. First of all, where to get it...
  6. Message Window Hide

    I don't remember what I meant but I think I meant to not allow to advance to the next text if the text is hidden. Yeah I agree some devs would want to hide the text indefinitely, but wherever I've seen that, I was always thinking "why doesn't it reset" or "why does it allow me to use it...
  7. Message Window Hide

    Hello! Thanks a lot for this plugin and its updates, works great. There are a couple of things though: 1st of all I had to edit the name window part - as is it only works for right click. Basically it's a bracket at the end, it has to be placed earlier - if you see that section it will jump...
  8. RMMV [SOLVED] Mirrored Picture?

    SOLVED: Basically assuming that the sprite in question is "sprite" to mirror it you can simply do sprite.scale.x *= -1 Also note that its anchor point has to change. From what I tested, changing it from 0 to 1 does the trick (the sprite stays in place, just mirrored) sprite.anchor.x = 1
  9. RMMV [SOLVED] Mirrored Picture?

    Thanks a lot for your reply. Alas I am looking for mirroring pictures meaning pictures from the img/pictures folder... EDIT: I'm basically looking to load a picture of which I *do not already have its mirrored version* and mirror it via code. For example, load the bitmap, mirror it, create a...
  10. RMMV [SOLVED] Mirrored Picture?

    Hello everyone! I have been looking a lot into the bitmap objects and sprite objects to see if it's at all possible to mirror them, but I've come to no conclusions. I've tried using transform, local transform, etc, but I'm pretty much trial&erroring, without any wins. What I'm looking for is...
  11. RMMV Cloning an object (without references)

    I didn't know core had this function xD Still, I made my own - better to work with my own so that I can remember them too. But yeah, the rest of what you say is the info I also found, I read all about Object.assign / shallow clones too, but from what I got, it doesn't do what I want it for...
  12. RMMV Cloning an object (without references)

    I initially started this thread to ask how this is possible, since it was driving me crazy, but I found a solution so I'm now writing it to share it. Basically, when wanting to create a copy of an object and want to seclude it from its origin, to use it for tests or whatever, it can't be done...
  13. Makai Object Variables

    Thanks! Yeah I wrote that guide. I can't imagine making a project without them either. Since then I've come up with more versatile ways of setting up objects and reading from them but I can't really make a simplified plugin like this one for them - they would require some editting. If you want...
  14. Particle Emitter - easy making particle effects in MV!

    Does pivoo's work above pictures? Like putting them on a layer above images? I can't find a way to make it work above pictures anywhere and posting the pictures with emitters is a no go - I tried it but the pictures I use are many, change in scale and position, and in general have certain...
  15. RMMV Clear "Image Memory" cache

    Hi RM community! So I've been looking everywhere for a way to clear the "Image Memory" cache (so that images can be cleared from the memory once you're done using them) and I had found no answer. The answer came from a dev who knows more than me, but I'll leave him unnamed because I don't know...
  16. Search unused switch/variable

    Wow, this is actually exactly what I needed! Thanks so much!
  17. Search unused switch/variable

    Ok found it. Thanks a lot!
  18. Search unused switch/variable

    Sure! How do I get that / install it?
  19. Search unused switch/variable

    Let me explain: So RMMV has a tool called "Event Searcher" where you can search for a switch/variable, and see *where* it's being used. So, in order to delete unused switches/variables, you have to search each one separately, and delete it if it's not being used anywhere. This is fine if you...
  20. Help with Olivia_StateTooltipDisplay

    So I bought the plugin for what it does (obviously), but mostly thinking that I could edit it if it didn't do what I wanted it for (or if it was incompatible with my version of MV). Basically it working on other scenes, or maybe other icons, etc - it doesn't matter. I opened it up and the first...

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