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  1. sammc

    On hover over choice - activate switch

    I'm not sure how to use this info.
  2. sammc

    On hover over choice - activate switch

    Hi, I am currently using Galv Choice Pictures but I need a bit more functionality I'm not finding anywhere. Any suggestions on how to make a switch activate when you hover over each choice? Maybe a script call? 1. Choice A - Switch 123 activates 2. Choice B - Switch 456 activates 3 Choice C -...
  3. sammc

    Conditional Branch > Script > Comparing

    Thank you guys!
  4. sammc

    Conditional Branch > Script > Comparing

    I have tried == and this script works from the Conditional Branch feature of RPGMV. However, whenever I try => or <= it throws an error. I have tried == > and < = = and still nothing (without the spaces of course). Try it yourself with the same array element comparison I am doing. It works with...
  5. sammc

    Yanfly Message Core - Word Wrap

    It's just as I said, the word wrap doesn't work for me. I chalk it up to broken code. Either the words are broken, or it just leaves the text in a long line. It's not word wrap truly if you need to still add breaks.
  6. sammc

    Icons Randomly Chosen

    Hm, that doesn't answer the question; the icons themselves won't appear with that code call.
  7. sammc

    Yanfly Message Core - Word Wrap

    Anyone else having issues using WordWrap in Yanfly's plugin? I think something's not working here, I have to manually do line breaks ... Resurrected question because it seems something might be broken, last one I found was from 2015 I think.
  8. sammc

    Icons Randomly Chosen

    Hi, I have a hiring pop up in my game that I would like to have different icons to be chosen for randomly. The images would be little faces. 1. Random Icon is chosen of a set of 20. 2. The number of the icon is stored in an array and referenced later for the hired agent. The problem I'm facing...
  9. sammc

    Player Notepad (In-Game Text Editor for the Player)

    I tried the example file but got the same "For Each" error. I didn't touch anything, just tried the demonstration file.
  10. sammc

    I was on Win10 for a bit but found it too slow! So now on Win7 and love it. I used Citrix...

    I was on Win10 for a bit but found it too slow! So now on Win7 and love it. I used Citrix machines before and they have the same kind of latency issues that Win10 losing files sucks because of updates wiping your Documents!!
  11. sammc

    WASD Movement with Yanfly's ButtonCommonEvents

    I managed to do this with WASD but there is a noticeable lag. I use Common Events that are called by a Yanfly plugin (probably Keyboard Config). It's not better than UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT keys on keyboard that are already mapped for movement. The lag with Yanfly plugin is just bad.
  12. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    One other question still on the same topic... I would like to regularly update a variable by adding up all of the numbers stored in different arrays. AllBooksIncome = Bookarray001[4] + ... Bookarray999[4] As books are added, I want to be sure I capture whatever income is earned by each book...
  13. sammc

    Random Name Generator Issue

    Here is the plugin link:
  14. sammc

    Simple adding operation and a variable inside an array

    Hi, This seems like a javascript question; I need to add a numerical value from a variable contained in an array. Book01 [9] -- the number is stored here I try to add to variable CurrentIncome += Book01[9] The result? CurrentIncome=0. Is this because it has converted into a string, or maybe...
  15. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    -- Wow, that's a great CRUD system, thank you for sharing! I think I may end up using some of what you made here if I need to delete books or edit them. Looks complicated so it would take time to tinker. Mine is a bit simplified at the moment so I can bare with the complexity until I add more...
  16. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    I managed to "fix" the issue in the mean time by using a different variable. No issues now. 36 is in quarantine until I figure it out.
  17. sammc

    Choices and an information window

    Hi, I'm trying to accomplish creating a book catalog menu. A user can look at 150 books with a single window that updates with the information (I've got that already programmed)...the thing I'm struggling with is simultaneously showing a basic choices window ALONGSIDE the info window. 1. A...
  18. sammc

    Pausing Suggestions

    Hello, I am trying to implement a simple way to pause parallel processes effectively and cleanly using a switch called PAUSECLOCK. It pauses the week, month and year clock I built using variables, which runs inside a parallel running common event that activates once at the start of the game...
  19. sammc

    Create new arrays in sequence with code

    variable 36 is the one giving me trouble. The rest are numerical, but they also don't seem to be getting additional 0's added to them. Thanks for the tips!

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