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  1. yunka

    Which assets should I buy?

    Thank you very much for helping.
  2. yunka

    Which assets should I buy?

    I will buy Rpg Maker Xp, VXAce, VX, MV, MZ all because the Steam dollar rate in my country is low (it will change soon). It comes at a very affordable price. Besides, 2022 MZ SPECIAL BUNDLE Vol.3 + 2022 MV SPECIAL BUNDLE Vol.3. I will buy it with the program + DLCs. In this case, it is not...
  3. yunka

    Which assets should I buy?

    Thank you very much for the answers. This answer I received became one of the cornerstones of the project. My first priority is to watch engine related courses and youtube channels. If there is a course or channel you recommend, I would like to learn. I totally agree with your recommendation...
  4. yunka

    Which assets should I buy?

    Hello friends. I am Autoher and Digital Arist. I don't know any coding. I want to make a story-oriented game with no action in the style of To the Moon. I want to do this alone. I'm asking you to know about something. 1- I want to go down this road with RPG Maker MZ. From what I've researched...

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Came back cuz of the sale. Got MZ. The System 2 advanced settings for UI are so frustrating, and I see we still hate pixel fonts. Marvelous.
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