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  1. StardustPiggly

    your pet at their best moment!

    My cat hanging out with me while we relax to some Lofi together :LZSproud:
  2. StardustPiggly

    Stardust Piggly's Resources

    I just noticed that I messed up on the SV sprites for the 3D Glasses :kaoswt2: , but I will fix and reupload those later today Just replaced SV with the correct files along with the correct version of the Variations
  3. StardustPiggly

    Stardust Piggly's Resources

    Terms of Use Free to use and modify as long as credited. Free for commercial use as well. If you're looking for a more polished and detailed gacha for MV @dragoonwys made some really nice ones. Just don't forget to read up and follow their terms of use :LZSproud: Download Flat top...
  4. StardustPiggly


    I've been playing around with rpg maker since VX, now a days I use MV. I never really interacted much with the community as I mostly never followed through or finished any of my projects. I mostly just played around for the enjoyment of creating things and figuring out how to create interesting...
  5. StardustPiggly

    What did you study in high school/college?

    My high school didn't have any special interests kind of programs, I studied a little bit of biology in college but moved to a foreign country and have a lot of paperwork to go through to get accepted into the same program here. At least I'll have a head start on knowing the material. Gotta find...

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I've been working on character sprites :), although not far in development, I wanted to start getting sprites done before my art style changes again.
Grading exams makes me swing between being full of pride for my students and doubting everything I did this semester xD
Has it really been 50 streams? At this point it's just guilting me into pushing out a prototype. :kaoswt:

I should probably just bite the bullet and send it out, then go with my original plan to provide weekly updates.
I know it's just other small RM devs, but it still always feels legitimizing to have folks email me in private with a steam key, requesting a review of their game.:kaoluv: Look ma, I've made it to the big leagues. small edit: another email just came in. :kaoback:
time and time again I enjoy dramatic remarks on how I should find a better job.
As it stands, I go to work for 10-14 days a month. At work, I have time for my private projects. I arrive home, my mind is clear.
So yes, the pay sucks. But I have what so many lose after graduation. Freedom.

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