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  1. The Dangers of Using AI Art recommended. Seems fun. See how long it lasts seeing as ai is gonna ruin the world to the ground where robots will be the one working.
  2. Help! - "Failed to Initialize Graphics" Error (MZ)

    I'm on safe mode until I get new monitor, same thing happened, so whether getting a new monitor. I got another monitor/tv that dad suggested to use, which is a lcd tv that can be used for pc as well, it's big. I don't know. But I'll give it a try. It might help me get out of safe mode and use...
  3. RMMZ Phylomortis Remaster

    Huge bump, out of interest, so I don't know what came out of this or some remaster demo.
  4. What the RTP is missing! MV Edition

    Any battlers for them? I really want the fox battler most importantly. Filename says it's for MV, even so I'm using MZ. [Mod edit: removed attachment.]
  5. Yeah, I only took... Yeah, I only took off VisuMZ Battle, and seemed fine.
  6. RMMZ Rising Storm (classic RPG)

    Definitely on my watchlist.
  7. [RPGMakerVXAce]Dark Blood Chronicles [final version 1.8][Contains Mature Themes]

    Played the beta demo, still have it, just thought this would of been free. Oh well.
  8. ReStaff July 2013

    Awesome pack!
  9. Tpasmall's Editorium

    I actually thought the blue haired dude was getting his eyes burnt from the fire.

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