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  1. frzhrt834

    Game crashes on ME play

    Are you using any plugins? Does disabling any of them remove the error?
  2. frzhrt834

    Villain's appearance

    I kind of like the idea of the invisible force. It makes it more terrifying and the player can use his imagination to picture the leader of evil, wich makes it even better.
  3. frzhrt834

    Dream experiences you've had

    Almost every night, I come up with a dream without sense. One that I recall almost perfectly. I was at my high school, and the day was over, so I went back home, except I didn't took the bus, but I took another road. I went outside, and there was a bunch of people running. Curiously, I joined...
  4. frzhrt834

    First RPG game you ever played

    Uh, tough one. As far as I recall, it was Titan Quest, wich is a Hack-and-Slash RPG. Good memories.
  5. frzhrt834

    Plot and Character Feedback

    Now that's interesting. Because they all are a bit tricksters. Obviously, any bargain they make will be in the end in their own interest. Darkness is definitely the less original in the Demons, but he would manifest in the Mortal realm as unusual penumbra that would absorb almost all light. Yes...
  6. frzhrt834

    configurate step distance in sideview combat

    If I understood your question, this might be useful for you.
  7. frzhrt834

    Talent Tree Possibility?

    I've heard that suggestion before and never forgot it since then. Use a map to act like a skill-tree and event it yourself. Might be lots of work, but could certainly work.
  8. frzhrt834

    Plot and Character Feedback

    Well, hello everyone, I'm coming to ask your feedback about something... In my lore, there are 6 demons : Demon of Destruction, Domination, Revenge, Darkness, Death and Fear. And on the top of it, they are all brothers. So how it works is they are living in a different world than the mortals...
  9. frzhrt834

    Change Project Name

    Greetings! That may be useful for you. Give it a try.
  10. frzhrt834

    Invert controls

    I'll give it a try and edit this post if I need to. Thanks a lot! EDIT: After few tests, everything works just fine, no bugs. Thanks again friend!
  11. frzhrt834

    Invert controls

    Hello! Need a small plugin to reverse the control of the players that can be toggled ON/OFF. (Up moves down, down moves up, left moves right, right moves left) Thanks in advance :)
  12. frzhrt834


    You can use this: Put a Command to heal the actor for a specific amount, and make the event trigger every turn. Voilà.
  13. frzhrt834

    Weapon transformation?

    Insert command Change Equipment, replace the weapon, and then remove it from the inventory.
  14. frzhrt834

    FPS Drop

    Thank you very much for your advice. I'll keep an eye on the common events!
  15. frzhrt834

    FPS Drop

    Hello! So recently I noticed an increased amount of FPS drops (from the regular 60 to 20-30 FPS) on the startup of my project (in editor). I'm much worried because it appeared very recently, while I was adding content to my project and I intended to add much more. It didn't occured (as far as I...
  16. frzhrt834

    Casting battle animations independently inside combat

    This might solve your issue.
  17. frzhrt834

    Events occuring depending on Month/Day of computer

    Hello. Requesting a plugin that does what the titles says. Example: If I play my game and the date on the computer is the 23th April, and you go talk to event X, something occurs. Else, he will say usual stuff. Googling hasn't provided me what I was looking for, hope you can help me out. Thanks!
  18. frzhrt834

    Update icon of item in database in-game I'm using this plugin, wich act like a prize wheel that spins and makes you win prizes. In my game, it may allow you to collect rare items. The plugin uses the icon of an item and apply it in the minigame. I want to make the item black, and...
  19. frzhrt834

    Update icon of item in database in-game

    Hello! I was wondering if you could make in sort you change the icon of an item when an event occurs in your game. The change would be permanent. In my case, I cannot just simply swap the item with another one with a different icon. Any way to achieve this? Thanks in advance!
  20. frzhrt834

    Making Item/Armor/Weapon names have color?

    Here you go : EDIT: Also this one : A single googling did the trick. You should've searched for it by yourself.

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