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  1. Sarisa

    Advice you don't agree with?

    For me it would be "your game must have re-playability" which I've seen people attempt to implement by adding procedural generation, NG+ content, and/or a huge variety of classes and skill trees. As someone who plays games mainly for the story, none of those matter to me because after finishing...
  2. Sarisa

    RMMV Manafinder - A tale about survival featuring all original pixel art and music! [Released!]

    I played the steam demo of this and encountered a minor bug. Apples are stated to restore 80 hp, but they were actually restoring 100, the same as a banana (though it was nice to see an error in my favor for once). In addition, regen was the fist magic I leveled up, but when I went to use...
  3. Sarisa

    How did you find out about RPG Maker?

    I came across a copy of RPG Maker for the PSX at a used video game store. I convinced my brother to split the cost with me and we took the game home. We had some fun with it but ultimately still preferred playing games to making them. Life happened and we forgot about the engine for several...
  4. Sarisa

    Your forum name?

    Slight spoilers for Final Fantasy 5 here, but the game is pretty old so I assume most that want to have played it already. Faris was my favorite party member, and Sarisa was such a pretty name. I've used the name on a couple of other forums as well.
  5. Sarisa

    A New Member Appears!

    Hello everyone! My first RPG Maker game was for the original PlayStation, followed by RPG Maker 2 for the PS2. I later got RPG Maker XP for PC, and also have Manga Maker ComiPo which I see listed under the products section. I never really did much with any of these, but have always wanted to...

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