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  1. The Shadow Knight

    Ultra Mode 7 [RMMV & RMMZ]

    I added support for this plugin to my SRW SRPG kit over the last week. Many thanks for the amazing work.
  2. The Shadow Knight

    SRW Engine MV - Bringing Super Robot Wars style gameplay to RPG Maker

    SRW Engine MV v1.0 Author: The Shadow Knight Based on SRPG Engine MV, this Plugin Suite for RPG Maker MV aims to bring a Super Robot Wars style engine to RPG Maker. Features Manage Pilots, Enemies, Mechs and Weapons using metadata in the RPG Maker database. Expanded mapping options: Terrain...
  3. The Shadow Knight

    SRPG Engine MV - Plugins for creating Tactical Battle System

    I would like to thank all the contributors to this plugin for their work. It has served as a great starting point for the Super Robot Wars style plugin I'm currently working on. I'm currently trawling through the many new menu windows that need adding, so I can't quite show it off yet.
  4. The Shadow Knight

    TSK's AnimatePicture

    AnimatePicture v1.1 By TSK Introduction This plug-in extends the basic picture functionality by allowing the display of animated pictures. Features All standard picture display parameters are supported. New parameters include setting the animated picture to loop or to keep the...

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