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  1. Sarlecc

    SAR_MVAchievements version 1.2.1

    Check your events. What is happening is that you have the event that creates the achievements getting run each time you start a new game thus it recreates the achievements. Possibly an easy solution is to create a global switch achievement for starting a game once with the event having a...
  2. Sarlecc

    SAR_MVAchievements version 1.2.1

    Haven't tested this but put this in a .js (for example myTest.js) file activate it in your plugins then try a new game. (function($){ var Scene_Base_checkGameOver = $.prototype.checkGameover; $.prototype.checkGameover = function() { DataManager.saveAchievesWithoutRescue(21)...
  3. Sarlecc

    SAR_MVAchievements version 1.2.1

    I think it should if not it would take a small edit in the game over function.
  4. Sarlecc

    SAR_MVAchievements version 1.2.1

    okay in that case try this: DataManager.saveAchievesWithoutRescue(21) Need to call this at various times to save achievement data (like before game ends when dying for example) would probably also work well when changing maps.
  5. Sarlecc

    SAR_MVAchievements version 1.2.1

    Plugin command method: SarleccAchievementsVariable global name description gameVariableID limit reward SarleccAchievementsVariable 1 Deaths Die.100.times 5 100 3 Strangely I must have forgot to program in the icon and bool values for plugin commands. SAR.achievements.achievementVariable(global...
  6. Sarlecc

    True, though the cost of the server was hurting my wallet to much. (Along with other unexpected...

    True, though the cost of the server was hurting my wallet to much. (Along with other unexpected real life costs I unfortunately had to cut it). :( Thanks very much for your interest in it though. :)
  7. Sarlecc

    Better way to add values to a $gameVariables array?

    Note though that if your variable got set to something other than an array your if statement will fail. This can be avoided by using typeof: if ( typeof $gameVariables.value(15) !== 'Array' ) { $gameVariables.setValue(15, []); } else { $gameVariables.value(15).push(...
  8. Sarlecc

    Better way to add values to a $gameVariables array?

    Since .value() in this case returns the array that gives you access to all the array functions. :)
  9. Sarlecc

    Better way to add values to a $gameVariables array?

    You can do this: $gameVariables.setValue(1, []); $gameVariables.value(1).push(5); $gameVariables.value(1); // => [5]
  10. Sarlecc

    A match 3 mini game?

    A match 3 mini game?
  11. Sarlecc

    Pixel Battler

    That Slime seriously looks awesome! Can't wait to see the other monsters! :D
  12. Sarlecc

    Dynamically get id of items

    Another post you might be interested in is this: for-each over an array in JavaScript. :)
  13. Sarlecc

    Dynamically get id of items

    I believe the equivalent for what you have is a loop, in JavaScript loops are not recommended for arrays (they are useful for objects though). //Here is a JavaScript version using a normal for loop //Assuming itemArray and newArray are already defined variables for (var i = 0...
  14. Sarlecc

    Plugin to communicate with PHP/MYSQL?

    I have successfully done it with PHP/SQL through AJAX which is a JavaScript library. I have also done it with Node.js/ Which in some respects is easier as you only have to deal with one language instead of three. Either way though, you have to have knowledge on setting up a...
  15. Sarlecc

    var(var(n)) == var(var(n)) not working?

    Actually by using the double ='s it was evaluated as being either true or false. So: 1 == 1 // this equals true 1 == 0 // this equals false Currently I am too tired to be of much further help at the moment sorry. :LZYdizzy:
  16. Sarlecc

    Add 1(numeric) or more to all values in array

    Yep! :) Also was looking further in the docs and there is yet another method that could be used to do this (which is also extremely easy to read): #fills the entire array with the value $game_variables[id].fill(value) #note* though that this is an overwrite not an increment #meaning that if...
  17. Sarlecc

    Add 1(numeric) or more to all values in array

    Generally yes, however in certain cases I feel it is unneeded (for example only saving me a few characters of typing) :). For example the code I posted could also be done this way: class Game_Variables def incArrayAll (variableId, i = 1) @data[variableId].map! {|x| x + i} end end However...
  18. Sarlecc

    Add 1(numeric) or more to all values in array

    @dbchest I disagree with that approach for this particular issue. What he wants is to store an array in the $game_variables array and change only that array (not the entire $game_variables array). Also note that this question was for Ruby not JavaScript.
  19. Sarlecc

    Add 1(numeric) or more to all values in array

    In your edit you are creating an array with the first element set to 0. You then proceed to push 29 1s into the array (the first element is still 0). You could fix that problem by using an empty array and then starting the loop from 0 instead of 1. Here's another way of doing it: # Create an...
  20. Sarlecc

    Is it harmful to create a massive "database" from a common event?

    Hey, Sorry for the late reply went camping. Anyway the issue was my use of single quotation marks. What happens is it is trying to look for another single quotation mark to finish line2: 'I don't move much'. Since it doesn't find one it results in an error which will keep the plugin off making...

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