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  1. Iron_Brew

    "I'm you, but stronger" - fighting alternative parties in RPGs

    One of my favourite tropes is the "fight an alternative version of the party" gimmick - I do it quite a lot, I think. What're your favourite games that do this? I really enjoyed the other group of pilgrims in FFX, and Dragon Quest 5's early game "Pip" enemies are a special favourite of mine...
  2. Iron_Brew


    What's your thoughts on recolours for enemy variants? Clever way to reuse resources, or just plain lazy? Now that we don't need to conserve space on cartridges etc, are recoloured enemies a red flag for the effort being put into content? BONUS COMPLICATION: If it's not a simple hue shift...
  3. Iron_Brew

    Breaking News: Yuji Naka Arrested!

    Shockingly though, it's for insider trading rather than the murder of Sonic the Hedgehog:
  4. Iron_Brew

    "Exotic" Mimics Discussion

    Hey folks! Let's talk about Mimics - the trope of an enemy that disguises itself as another object (usually a treasure chest) and jumps out at the player. So I was toying with a Mimic Dungeon (the dungeon itself is a giant mimic, inside it everything you fight is a mimic, you get the...
  5. Iron_Brew

    List Your GREEN Flags!

    I thought given the thread that got locked yesterday we could counter some of that negativity with some positivity! That thread was about red flags (what will guarantee that you don't buy a video game) - let's look at it in the other direction: What are your GREEN flags? What...
  6. Iron_Brew

    Ability to add the Formation menu back mid-game

    Hey folks! I was looking for some information and I realised it doesn't seem to exist anywhere (apologies if my search has not been exhaustive enough) - I'm looking for something quite specific and figured I ought to ask for help: I've got these menu commands set up in the following...
  7. Iron_Brew

    Assessing Enemy Health at a Glance

    OPINIONS NEEDED! I spent some time today doing javascript-y, plugins-y stuff and now have it so that enemies that logically should breathe now breathe. Their rate of breathing is parameterised to show how much health they have remaining. Is this good design or does it betray the whole "You...
  8. Iron_Brew

    Post your party! Who are they, tell me about 'em!

    Post your main party! The more the merrier! Here's my gang! Charon, Denzel, Nyangela and Poisson! Charon: Technically \n[1] - put your name here, experience INTENSE STORY TELLING and make BIG CHOICES! Denzel: Fantasy cop! Here to train \n[1], stone cold badass, kind of a hothead. Loveable...
  9. Iron_Brew

    What're peoples' thoughts on the MV RTP?

    Does anyone actually like the art direction of the RTP in RPG Maker MV? Not its convenience or its flexibility, but the way it looks in and of itself? I'm curious. Every discussion we have here surrounding it seems to be whether it's something people should use, but I don't think I've ever seen...
  10. Iron_Brew

    Dialogue Options: A Poll

    Knight Shift has a ton of dialogue options in lieu of having the main character say anything outside the player's control, but this got me to thinking: Is this something people actually like? For example, a lot of games will have the "Player Character" say lines to define a character for...
  11. Iron_Brew

    "Metal Slime"/"Abra" Type Enemies that flee

    What's you guys' thoughts on "Metal Slime" like enemies which flee unless you pass a dps check? I'm a big fan, especially if there's things you can do to give you a better chance of defeating them and getting their sweet, sweet loot/xp/gold!
  12. Iron_Brew

    A Question About RTP Games

    Hey folks! So I was in Discord earlier and a question struck me to which I'd love to know the answer: Aside from the asset theft in Vampire Survivors, what is the most popular (or best selling) game which uses the RTP? To be clear, I do not mean pornographic games. I wanna know about the most...
  13. Iron_Brew

    Bestiary (Or Worstiary)?

    So I've been toying with some designs for Bestiaries for RPGs (using MrT's Monster Book to prototype - go check it out, it's incredible) and I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on Bestiaries as a feature: Some notably good Bestiaries I can think of (that have actual mechanical...
  14. Iron_Brew

    Publishing: What is it Good for? Turns out, quite a lot.

    Ok so! I always get trepidation from indie and solodevs whenever publishing comes up and I'm always interested to know what the barrier for entry here is. People often cite *loss of creative control* and *cost* as downsides which preclude them from ever using the services of a publisher but I am...
  15. Iron_Brew

    Politics in Games: Good, Bad or Ugly?

    Here's a question I wanted to ask, given that I've had this chat a few times this week: Do you consider "Politics in games" good or bad? Here are some key considerations I want to bring up: What is your criteria for a game becoming "political"? If games are art, and all art is political, are...
  16. Iron_Brew

    [POLL] The Importance of Level Design

    Maybe a better title for the thread should be the PRIORITY of level design! I'm interested in how many people here actually use RM's dungeon generator for things like dungeons and mazes, and what people consider to be the pros and cons of using features like these in your game's overall design...
  17. Iron_Brew

    RPG Maker Games: The Stigma, And How To Avoid It

    Hey folks! Something which has come up in a bunch of threads recently (Advice You Disagree With, Things in RPGs Which Annoy You, Are RPG Maker Games Asset Flips) is the undeniable public opinion that RPG Maker Games - which is to say games made with RPG Maker, not the engines themselves - have...
  18. Iron_Brew

    Community: The Crossover Inn!

    Hey folks! I'm posting this here because I wasn't certain where else it should go - maybe it could have gone to a different subforum, but I think this is a relatively general idea/community item :D I'm talking about the Crossover Inn! I've been doing this with other dev communities as well...
  19. Iron_Brew

    RMMV Knight Shift: In-Development (CHAPTER 2 NOW OUT)

    Download on Itch at: Synopsis: Discover the secrets of the afterlife! You play as a recently departed Human Soul, who is reborn into a mysterious high-fantasy Kingdom and discovers that the nature of the human soul is not what you had previously thought...
  20. Iron_Brew


    Hello there! My name's Brew, the developer of the ever-more-time-consuming Knight Shift ( I've joined this forum following the recommendation of various friends in the RM community; I don't know why, but I'm always reticent to join forums, so me being here...

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