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  1. Shaz

    Custom Status Effect Help

    We don't allow advertising of Discord servers here.
  2. Shaz

    RMMV All or Nothing

    Plugin Support
  3. Shaz

    RMMV Superior Hook Rope + Yep Spawned Events error

    Closed due to reposting. Please don't do this.
  4. Shaz

    RMMV Superior Hook and YEP spawn event bug fix

    You only posted it a few hours ago and it hasn't been approved yet. Please don't post the same thing in multiple threads. If you don't get an answer, bump your post every 3 days.
  5. Shaz

    Picture problem

    If the switch is causing the problems, what else do you have that uses that switch (events AND plugins)? If you turn off all plugins except this one, does the issue still happen?
  6. Shaz

    Picture problem

    No, I think that Else belongs to the If Script: GameJolt.hasTrophy() condition.
  7. Shaz

    Picture problem

    @PlugSock-et Can you please post a screenshot of your event, showing the whole window? I'd rather not watch multiple videos up to 7 minutes long hoping to see that one thing.
  8. Shaz

    Although, if vegans had pigs, they wouldn't be confined to a small enclosure where they'd be...

    Although, if vegans had pigs, they wouldn't be confined to a small enclosure where they'd be rolling around in poop their whole life ;)
  9. Shaz

    Change Tile Size

    @Brogar, you can certainly do that. But doesn't MZ do different tile sizes by default?
  10. Shaz

    RMMV How to make Player's movement animation play even while stood still? Party included if possible.
  11. Shaz

    Need help making changes to a VX Ace Game.

    RGSS3 Script Requests
  12. Shaz

    Hi! I am creating a game!

    General Discussion
  13. Shaz

    why does this keep happening?

    Please show us your event. We can tell absolutely nothing from the video. If you have plugins, also include a screenshot of your plugin manager.
  14. Shaz

    RMMZ Custom Parameters - Visu Core Engine

    Plugin Support
  15. Shaz

    Running with numpad keys while numlock is turned on

    MZ Support The number pad controls 2 sets of keys. When numlock is turned on, you are entering numbers. When it's turned off, you are pressing arrow keys. So when numlock is on and you press the keys, it is not reading them as arrows.

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