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  1. Current HP to Max HP level up ratio

    Okay so here's what I came up with Troop Event: Condition Turn 0 >>Control Variable: (actor)OldMaxHP = Max Hp of (actor) >>Control Variable: (actor)OldLvl = Level of (actor) >>Control Switch: LvlupHP = On Common Event: >> Control Variable: (actor)NewMaxHP = Max HP of (actor) >> Control Variable...
  2. Current HP to Max HP level up ratio

    so anything less than half will not work?
  3. Current HP to Max HP level up ratio

    wouldn't that make afterHP drop down to 0 after the first level up?
  4. Current HP to Max HP level up ratio

    I would say it would be Max HP (during combat)/ Max HP (after level up) = HP% then HP% * Current HP= Added HP then change HP command to add Added HP to current HP this way your Current HP is ratioed to the new Max HP. But I'm not sure how to do that through the variable commands.
  5. Current HP to Max HP level up ratio

    That's the part I'm not sure about. Do you run a script in the common event to run the calculation?
  6. Current HP to Max HP level up ratio

    I see. Well the reason I was asking is because I have MV on both my PC and on the Nintendo Switch and wanted to make the same game on Switch for a friend to play because he likes playing such games on his Nintendo Switch. And since the Nintendo Switch doesn't allow plugins that's why I was...
  7. Current HP to Max HP level up ratio

    So I'm in the game I'm working on I'm trying to see if there is any way to increase my actor(s) current HP when they level up in tandem with their max HP. For example: say an actor(s) have a max HP of 100 and after the end of combat the current HP is 20 and the actor(s) level up and the max HP...
  8. MV - What is "[1111/] locale_file_path.empty()"?

    Were you ever able to find the issue for your situation?
  9. MV - What is "[1111/] locale_file_path.empty()"?

    I finally found an answer to the issue for me. It may not be the same for everyone. So I have Windows 10 OS and went to msconfig and in services disabled all of the services and in task manager disabled all start up applications. This was called a clean boot up I think. Anyway I found one...
  10. MV - What is "[1111/] locale_file_path.empty()"?

    I'm having the same issue. has anyone figured out the cause?

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