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  1. Fernyfer775

    Game "lag" as file playtime increases.

    Hello everybody. So, I've run into a bit of an issue with map lag that I was hoping someone might be able to help me with. At first, I thought it was my maps themselves that were laggy, but after doing some testing, I found that it was something else. Attached, you will see a video that shows...
  2. Fernyfer775

    Deleting database entries using a script call.

    Like the title says, is there a way to force a database entry to be completely deleted or replaced using a script call? For those curious as to why I am looking to do this, in my game, Eternal Twilight, I've recreated an equipment system similar to that of Diablo / Borderlands, where all...
  3. Fernyfer775

    Customized Equipment "Optimization"

    Customized Equipment "Optimization" Brief Description: In this tutorial, I teach you how to modify the code that is run when using the "optimize equipment" button in the Equip Scene. By default, MV's optimize feature equips a character with the item that has the highest stats on it...
  4. Fernyfer775

    "Customize" the Equipment Optimize Button

    Hey all. So, in my current project, I reworked "LUCK" into a stat called "POWER" which serves as an indicator of a piece of gear's potential/strength/what-have-you. My question is two-fold: How exactly does the default optimize button work? How are stats weighed? Does it just put on the piece...
  5. Fernyfer775

    Yanfly's Absorption Barrer - Show current barrier

    Anybody know if there is a way to show the current amount of barrier points the user has when using Yanfly's barrier plugin? I know the plugin gives you a little "color change" in your HP bar when you have a barrier, but I...
  6. Fernyfer775

    State Duration reduction

    Hey there, anyone happen to know the JS code to reduce the duration of a specific state? For example, I have a code that runs to see if an ally is affected by X state. If the ally IS affected by X state, the the ally is healed for triple the amount. At this point, I want the duration of the...
  7. Fernyfer775

    Show equipment bonuses on equip scene

    I was wondering if anybody could help me out to do what the picture shows below. I want the stats of the equipment piece to show on the equip menu when the player hovers over the piece of equipment, without them having to unequip/equip another piece of armor. For example, if I highlight over...
  8. Fernyfer775

    Javascript Code for user's target.

    Hey all, so, I'm not very fluent in Javascript and have no idea how to accomplish but, I was looking to see if somebody could help me change the following a bit. The bolded part will randomly select living enemy targets and randomly hit them. I was wanting to change it so that it only hits the...
  9. Fernyfer775

    Small tweak to Mr.Trivel's Salvage Plugin.

    Hey all, so I was running into to some really frustrating issues with one of Yanfly's Item Disassemble plugins, so I decided to switch to this one: It really gets the job done, but I would like for it to have a few more small addtions...
  10. Fernyfer775

    Altering a few things in Alt. Menu Plugin

    Hey all. I am using this plugin for my menu: I was wondering if anybody would be willing to help me out here a little. As of right now, this menu is ALMOST perfect for my tastes, except for a few things. The 1st pic is how the menu looks with the linked...
  11. Fernyfer775

    Making passives with 2 of Yanfly's States Plugins

    Hey all, so I am trying to create a few passive abilities in my game but I'm not fluent at all in javascript, so I was hoping somebody might be able to help me out. Below are the states/passives that I'm trying to create using Yanfly's plugins. I know how to use the plugins themselves, just need...
  12. Fernyfer775

    Scriptcall to check if damage is Magical

    I dug around some of his other plugins and found the code myself. If a mod sees this, please feel free to close this thread, thank you! :D Hello all. How would i do a scriptcall/conditional to check to see if damage being taken is MAGICAL? I am currently using Yanfly's plugin to recreate...
  13. Fernyfer775

    Requesting updated hide Auto-Shadows

    Hey all. So, I noticed that the "No Autoshadows" plugin that was provided by Archeia at the release of RPG Maker MV no longer works after the MV patch update 1.3+. I tried using it on a project that is still running MV 1.0 and it works just fine, but when I try using it on any project after...
  14. Fernyfer775

    Why is this ability missing?

    Hello there. Just curious as to why an ability is missing. Here are the parameters I'm using: Character hit chance is at 116%. Ability success chance is 100%. Enemy Evade chance is 0%. Sooooo...either I'm missing something (mostly likely the case since I'm a derp), or there's something wrong...
  15. Fernyfer775

    Auto-Save Plugin

    Hello there. I would like to request (if one doesn't already exist) a basic auto-save plugin. In my game, certain items are randomized in quality, and I don't want players to abuse it by creating a save file, and then just re-loading the save file if they don't get the "best quality" item they...
  16. Fernyfer775

    Manage Dash/Walk speed

    Hello, I would like to request a way to change the default dash speed from 2x speed to 1.5x or other. If there is already a way to do this (and there probably is, and I'm just a derp), would anyone mind showing me? Thank you! ^_^
  17. Fernyfer775

    "Error: Object too deep" console error when saving

    Hello. So, I seem to be getting this error when I go to save a test-play: Any idea what's going?  UPDATE:  So, it only seems to be happening on one map. There are no auto-run or parallel events running on it. It's a 46 by 24 sized map. I went and saved on the world map, which is 80x80+...
  18. Fernyfer775

    HRG and MRG only applied in battle

    Hello there. Is there a way to make the HRG and MRG traits only apply during battle? Some of the gear I want to make in my game has mana/hp regen as a bonus, but as the player walks around on the map, those traits are kicking in and I only want them to be active in battle. Thanks for your time.
  19. Fernyfer775

    Larger skill/item description windows

    Is there a way to make the item/skill descriptions 3 rows instead of 2? I don't need it to be 3 in the editor itself, but I could totally use one more row for some of my skill descriptions.
  20. Fernyfer775

    Member+ Subscription

    So, I'm trying to sign up for a member+ subscription, but when it takes me to the paypal account login and I verify my account and all that jazz, it just redirects me right back to the log-in page. Is there any other way to sign up?

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