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  1. TheoAllen

    Common Event Placeholder

    What is this? This script enables you to create a common event template that you could fill the "placeholder" event with any event you want. How to setup: In the common event page In the map event The "<placeholder>" label will be replaced by transfer player event (next to the common event...
  2. TheoAllen

    Looking for a new laptop. Please share your experience.

    My current laptop is in the state of dying (slowly). And while at it, I might as well as buy a new one since it is no longer relevant in this current era. However, I'm currently doing some market research. If you have some experience both good and bad on some brands, please do tell me. For...
  3. TheoAllen

    Asymmetric Game Mechanic

    In the PvE type of game, there're a lot of asymmetrical designs. For example a single-player Fighting a horde of the enemy which is asymmetric. Enemy bullets that never run out while you only have some. Enemy with 7 digit HP while you only have 5 digit HP That is one. I've seen some people...
  4. TheoAllen

    Given Challenge vs Self-Imposed Challenge

    Months ago, I talked to a random person in a certain discord. They hated that if the game can be cheesed, or by grinding. What they argued is that grinding can take away the challenge given by the game. "What the point of we can just grind for hours and steamroll everything? That is just a...
  5. TheoAllen

    RMVXA Game based on Grid Battle System

    About: Long story short, I want to create a game based on my recent interest in Grid Battle System to test both my script versatility and stability. That said, the game design is probably going to be designed around that idea. I haven't even think about the whole picture yet like the story...
  6. TheoAllen

    Do you play mobile games?

    And a list of questions to answer What kind of games do you play if you play mobile games? Do you think mobile games are a "valid" video game whenever a question like "your favorite video games" comes up? What do you think about the current mobile games? How mobile games should be designed...
  7. TheoAllen

    EnmxDev (or RPGMVDevs!) is stealing some games - Check if your game is one of them!

    Sites they have been posting in - Not working anymore! [New Link!]
  8. TheoAllen

    How Steam users sees your game - The Article

    Found this on Reddit: Which I think it's interesting to read even I personally have no interest to actually sell a game. I haven't finished reading it (might continue later) but there're several...
  9. TheoAllen

    A better Game_Interpreter Line 1411 error backtracer

    Problem: Game_Interpreter Line 1411 is usually a bane or our existence. It's an error that points out to Game_Interpreter line 1411, which it's on its own has nothing to do with the error. it just a line that handles the script call, and even the full backtracer usually don't print the full...
  10. TheoAllen

    Music Making・For Dummies (You want to create a music but does not have a musical background)

    Music Making・For Dummies By: TheoAllen Disclaimer: This guide/tutorial is aimed to lift you (the reader) off the ground as quick as possible. Thus, I'm going to make it as simple as possible without too many complicated stuff, terms, theories, and labels. And hopefully, this will convince you...
  11. TheoAllen

    "Last Get" Text - VXA Version

    About: The idea was stolen from here. If you use \lastget in the message box, it will be replaced with whatever item you just get it. Screenshot: Script: Get it here Terms of Use: Free for commercial/non-commercial
  12. TheoAllen

    Theo - Encounter Warning

    Well... forget it, I take back my words. Encounter Warning v1.0 About: One of my biggest pet peeve on random encounter is that it doesn't have a warning on when I actually get an encounter. Most of the time when I entered a battle, it bummed me out. This simple script is simply adding a...
  13. TheoAllen

    Theo - Screenshake

    Screenshake v1.0 Introduction: Screenshake, because why not? Basically, it was a conversion of my RGSS3 counterpart. Yes, I'm making JS plugins. How does it look like? The plugin: Get it here Terms of Use: It's a freebie, free for commercial.
  14. TheoAllen

    Theo - Screenshake

    The Art of Screenshake™ v1.0 Introduction: Screenshake, because why not? How it looks like? Script: Get it here Terms: It's a freebie, free for commercial.
  15. TheoAllen

    Modern Windows and legacy RM issues (lag, crashes, etc).

    There was a chat in a certain discord server with @Archeia that brought my attention. Apparently, the older RM is "dying", but I'm curious if this is also happening to everyone. So I'm going to make a survey, do you have issues (like lags) to run older RM games? What OS are you using? EDIT...
  16. TheoAllen

    What do you think about "Features" section in the game page?

    Basically, the question in the title. I posted a status about it a few days ago but then I think this is going to be an interesting topic. I feel like the section is supposed to be the TLDR about the entire page. But honestly, I think writing the section could be tricky. Does something really...
  17. TheoAllen

    Let's talk about escaping from battle

    "Don't you just hate it when u hit run/escape button, you failed and basically the enemies get a free turn?" - Me @ random status update. Let's admit it, the default escaping feature is bad. It's AGI based which if the troop AGI is higher than you, you basically locked in the battle, and an...
  18. TheoAllen

    Let's talk about critical damage

    Critical damage is a game changer, well most of the time. The default mechanic in RM is 3x damage multiplier with a little chance proc. However, some games do encourage you to stack up critical damage either stacking up the total multiplier or the chance, but a chance is still a chance. It can...
  19. TheoAllen

    Resource Tracking - Who made these MIDIs? (Pt. 2)

    Continuation of my previous thread. I had these resources over here. Their name pattern goes like k_01 to k_153. I don't remember how I got these, but it was one of the resources I saved "just in case" a very long time ago. So my question is, does anyone knows who owns/composed the MIDI...
  20. TheoAllen

    How important is IIFE in RMMV?

    About IIFE: This morning, I had an interesting discussion from one of the discord chat (with @Aloe Guvner to give them some credit). Some brought up that it is not something to promote in MV plugin making. While I sort of understand, I...

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